Everyday I believe that everyone in some small or large way are indeed faced with this dilemma. It’s just different magnitudes that determine the severity of the situation. There have been few empirical studies into what non-medical factors influence physicians and nurses when deciding about admission and discharge of hospital patients.
One day while I was in working in hospital, a pregnant mother who were facing a road accident were admitted to ICU. The patient was 36 years old and also she was 8 month pregnant Women. After performing an ultrasound scan, doctors concluded that internal bleeding was taking place in the uterus, and there is a further increase. According to the doctor’s recommendation, the patient should be able to undergo an operation to save the woman’s life as soon as possible and stop internal blood flow. However, the conclusion of the doctors was that 50% of the child’s living probability was found. In that case, had to explain myself the illness situation of the patient. But this baby is the first pregnancy of this mother, and it is a praise for the pregnant woman who was successful after using the IUI method after being 5 years subfertile. So she want rescued her baby and begging for her baby survive. Because of that problem she didn’t get consent for the surgery. Since this baby is already better than the minimum weight, it was explained to the mother that she has able to deliver the baby and after that we have chance for the baby survivor by giving neonatal care. If it is not successful, she has enough time to born another baby. We emphasized this to patient’s relatives. After that complex situation, she gave her informed consent for the surgery.
As a nurse, we have to face such dilemmas in our career. This is just such an example. Our experience is often useful when faced with such situations. We acted to give the patient the proper understanding of his condition. And also tell to them whole truth about the situation. finally after all this, we were able to save both mother and the baby.
Nurses face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Ethical behavior is determined by many factors. What one person considers ethical may be vastly different from a person approaching a situation with a different point of view.
Let’s take a closer look at the above example. As a nurse we have a duty to protect the patient safety. Here we followed our principles and continued to speak beyond that. we was always listening to patient and acquainted with the patient’s knowledge level. We had to tell the patient the right things as of the patient’s lack of knowledge. We are going to have to deal with dilemma in order to take these actions. Sometimes it can be affect our professional life. However, by using our professional experience can make our right decisions come true.
In the end, a good health care service can be provided to the public society.

Decisions made in ethics will help us to find the solution to the conflicts and dilemmas that we face in our daily workplaces. By using ethics can make our right decisions come true. Problems encountered in the workplace can be solved in a more professional manner using ethics. It will help to build up a good healthcare system by minimizing unnecessities and prejudices against the patient.

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