Ethical issues when planning and providing care
It is extremely important to incorporate ethical principles into the provision of support for individuals with different needs. This is because Rafeya, Carla and Denzil all have different special needs.
When spotting a problem, service providers must have solutions ready in order to overcome these issues
• Recognise the situation
It’s not always easy to recognise that a situation has an ethical issue surrounding it. Unless it is an extreme and unusual case, you may find it difficult to identify when something presents a moral dilemma. For example, If Carla hadn’t told Cherelle about how her neighbour didn’t give Carla’s change back after doing her grocery shopping; Carla would still be treated unfairly and misused by her neighbour by not being given her money back. Cherelle recognising the situation has caused Carla to overcome this problem she was facing with her neighbour which is unethical as Carla had the right to have her money back from her neighbour whom she assigned the task to.


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