Ethical hacking plays a crucial role for companies as they find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a system, they also build better security systems and prevent cyber-attacks that steal personal data or worse. An ethical hacker (otherwise called a white hat hacker) is a definitive security proficient. Ethical hackers know how to discover and abuse vulnerabilities and short comings in different systems. Similarly like a malicious hacker (or a black hat hacker). Actually they both utilize similar abilities, in any case, an ethical hacker utilizes those aptitudes in a genuine, legitimate way to endeavor to discover vulnerabilities and fix them before the troublemakers can arrive and attempt to break in. This essay will discuss the positives of ethical hacking by looking at security analysis, system creation and prevention from cyber-attacks.
Firstly, ethical hackers search for and exploit certain vulnerabilities and weakness in a system that would lead to a security breach. They do this by performing a thorough scan of the system or as it is called “Scanning”. Now there are 3 types of scanning: Port Scanning, Network Scanning and Vulnerability Scanning. Port scanning mainly consists of a progression of messages sent by somebody endeavoring to break into a PC to realize which PC organize administrations, each related with a “notable” port number, the PC gives. Moreover, Network scanning is a method for recognizing active hosts on a system, either to attack them or for system security evaluation. Examining techniques, for example, ping ranges and port outputs, return data about which IP delivers guide to live hosts that are active on the Internet and what administrations they offer. Furthermore, Vulnerability scanning is a program that plays out the symptomatic period of a vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability evaluation. Vulnerability examination defines, identifies, and characterizes the security openings (vulnerabilities) in a PC, server, system, or interchanges framework. Overall, after scanning the existing system, the ethical hackers can improve the system and build better security systems.
Secondly, they help in building a security system that is unbreakable. The ethical hackers do this by setting up some important policies and use different coding so that it is unbreakable. They most commonly use “Quantum cryptography” which is the science of exploiting quantum mechanical properties to perform cryptographic tasks. Quantum cryptography uses a no-cloning theorem which makes it impossible for malicious hackers to copy data coded in it and also informs the ethical hackers if anyone tries to copy the data. The quantum cryptography secures the website and data from local hacking. They also set up firewalls that restrict the access to the personal and important data of the organization from the malicious hackers. Additionally, the ethical hackers bounce the IP Address of the website through multiple locations that prevent black hat hackers to access the organization’s data remotely. All in all, through these procedures set up by the ethical hackers the security of the organization’s data is unreachable and unbreakable.
Finally, ethical hackers prevent cyber-attacks that steal personal data of the organization.


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