In England there are three main sources of law for example common law which is known as judge made laws, legislation also known as statue law and European communities law.Common law was developed mainly through judges when it was first introduced in to England in 1066 and it was William the conquer who officially established common law this was because there was many different a courts as all around England, many of the courts did not function the same as others and in different parts of the country there was people being sent to jail for crimes in which weren’t seen as even slightly jail worthy in other places in the country for. Theft was used often for a example as someone could steal something little worth penny’s and not receive a harsh punishment however others would be jailed for the same crime. In the 13th William the conquer tried to set in stones law and he eventually created the Kings court. Crime was now being treat the same all over over the country all courts were handing out fair punishments for criminals, the royal family were also a main reason for this change occurring as they would travel all over the country to ensure that law was applied to the Kings standard.The system changed that year and justice was given the same everywhere, by creating a single system it ensured justice for everyone and created a central application for law.Unlike common law, statue law was created in parliament. There is no discretion in statue law however judges were still allowed to discuss it. Both houses with in parliament take part in passing law, the House of Commons and House of Lords. Bills are presented to the houses they will choose which ones they want to discuss and which a relevant for example green bills, white bills, public member bills and private members bills. They will keep sending them back and fourth between the two houses until the have reached an agreement this is also referred to as ping pong. Once they have agreed it will then move on the last stage of the process which is to receive royal assent and will then become a law. Statue law has always took precedence over common law. In 1972 the United Kingdom signed signed the European Union act, over the years great Britians decreased and the European Union rules over any court in the uk however in 2017 Brest took place in the uk and Britain voted to leave the European Union. Therefore we will become independent again and statute law will be the main body of law in the United Kingdom. With in parliament the House of Commons is the more superior house, they have the power to discard the House of Lords and queens bench division. The House of Commons dominates the House of Lords, it is the most important house which consists of MPS which are members of the house. MPs are elected from all over the country to arise issues in parliament. The House of Commons is the smaller house with only 650 elected members unlike the House of Lords who have over 700 hundred members, even though the House of Commons appears the be the smaller house they hold all the power as they make laws, watch the governments administration and the governments finance. 


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