Essay 4
Topic: As a society, advertising is something everyone sees every day whether we are dormant or mindful of them, they portray women and some men to be seen as sexual objects. they have a profound and some what of a damaging effect on society.
Thesis: In Jean Kilbourne’s “Two Ways a Women Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence,” Kilbourne explains how women are used as objects in advertisments which leads to violence and maltreatment against women. INSERT 3 POINTS
2. (Build context) Summary
The concept is that companies are using ads with ideas that are either very familiar to the viewers or ideas that are not so familiar to catch their attention. The ads are being used to pull people in by sexualizing or presenting violence towards women and some men. Advertising is dehumanizing. Kilbourne mentions that advertising sex is pornographic because it simply dehumanizes and objectifies people, especially women. She also mentions that “products can never fulfill our sexual or emotional needs.”
Yes, men are used as sex objects in ads as well. When men are objectified, there is no danger for most of them but women seem to always be in danger. When a man objectifies a woman, they tend to objectify them culturally in which women face consequences like discrimination and violence. However, for men, there are no consequences. Mens bodies don’t get judged or invaded like womens bodies do. Men are less likely to raped, beaten, or harassed. Not very often do you see a man afraid to get in an elevator alone with a woman. Men can protect themselves easier than women can, which puts men in less of a risk of violent acts to happen to them. When Kilbourne mentions an ad that objectifies men she states, “He is the one in control. His body is powerful not passive.” This statement alone just shows that even when men are objectified they are still in control.
At a young age, little girls are taught that girls are sweet, sensitive, and gentle. As they grow up they are taught that when in a relationship with a man their role with a man is unassertive. The men are taught to be strong and to protect their families. Society has engraved in our heads that men are to be independent and aggressive while women have to be weak and pretty.
Kilbourne explains how ads do not directly cause violence, but it is the violent images that hand out the fear. Objectifying a person, regardless of gender, created more of a tension to where there is more and more violence.


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