Having chosen football as my activity I feel that speed is one of my strengths. Speed is the maximum rate at which an individual can perform a movement or cover a distance in a curtain period of time.

I play the position on full back in football, my role is to mainly defend our goal but also to attack the oppositions goal when possible. When defending my role is usually to mark the winger on the same side as me and to prevent any crosses from coming into the box. When defending I also like to press very high onto the winger so that I can get in front of him before he receives the ball. Also after our team has attacked and we have committed men forward we must be able to recover quickly and get back into our positions which requires speed. When I am one on one with the attacker from the opposition I must be patient and not dive in. I must jockey them and force them wide but also you must have the speed to keep up with them and not let them get around you on the outside. Usually the wingers are some of the teams fastest players so I need that speed to stay with them. When attacking I will usually attack down the wings and put balls into the box but the opposing fullback will be trying to prevent me from doing that, so I must have that speed to get around their full back. For me to get down the wing I pass it to our winger and then overlap and he then plays me a through ball down the line. One example of when I had to use speed was in a school game. We were on the attack and a lot of us were committed forward and I was one of them. The opposition then got possession and started to counter, it was 3 vs 2 and we were all sprinting back to try and prevent a goal. They then played it wide to the winger that was on my side and I was still sprinting back to try and prevent the ball from coming in. I started to catch up with him and then he slowed down so that he could get the cross and I got back and blocked the cross and it went out for a corner.

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I believe that in my chosen sport of football, heading the ball is one of my strengths. A header is a technique used in football to control the ball using the head to pass, shoot or clear. As I am a defender I am someone who must use my head a lot. When defending I need to clear the ball with my head off the oppositions corners and crosses and when the opposition has a goal kick my duty is to get in front of my man and header the ball to one of my teammates. When attacking I am only usually able get headers off corners. The cross will come in and you need to get away from the man that is marking you and leap high and try and get a header on target and hopefully score a goal. Usually when defending, if the oppositions striker is tall, they will put long high balls into him or to the wingers and my job as well as the rest of the defenders is to not let the ball bounce and get in front of them otherwise they will generally be through on goal. One example of when my heading helped the team was against another school team called Repton. They had a corner and I won it and headed it out of our box. One of our strikers then got the ball and started to counter. The opposition and not many men back at all and so it was a 2 vs 2 situation. Our other striker then made a run in behind the defence and he was found by his strike partner, he then finished the ball in the bottom right hand corner.





My main fitness weakness is my cardiovascular endurance. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability for your heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the working muscles and is also known as aerobic power. As a full back, I need to run up and down the wing throughout the 90 minutes of the football game. I also need to track the winger and not let him get around me. This is a very tiring role and the better your cardiovascular endurance is, the easier it makes the role of being a full back. There is lots of anaerobic power involved when I need to sprint down the wing and overlap our winger but you are mostly on the move for the whole of the game so it is useful if you have good cardiovascular endurance. Without good cardiovascular endurance, I sometimes struggle to keep up with the game because I am mostly runny throughout the whole game and without good cardiovascular endurance it can affect my performance in a very negative way. Recently I a game against Eton, I got very fatigued towards the end of the game. I sprinted a lot during the game which is more anaerobic which causes a build-up of lactic acid but there is also a lot of periods of low intensity work which is when the I can recover some of the oxygen but if I had a better aerobic system then I would be able to recover a lot quicker and not be so fatigued at the end of the game.



In my chosen sport of football, I feel that one of the skills that I am weakest at is dribbling. Dribbling is the manoeuvring of a ball by a single player while moving in a given direction, avoiding defenders’ attempts to intercept the ball. I believe my biggest justification for choosing to dribble comes from many recent mistakes in matches when I got the ball in space and ran into it but then tried to go past some of the opposition players and got dispossessed. One example of when my dribbling limited my performance was in a recent school game. I saw space to run into so I decided to carry the ball into that space, some of player from the opposition then stared to put some pressure on me and I felt that I could dribble past them. I should have passed the ball when I saw the pass but I kept running and I was still in my own half. I got passed the first man but then the I got tackled and the opposition had a lot of men forward and we only had two back. That mistake from me then lead to our opponents to score. Not being great at dribbling means that I if there isn’t a pass on I will struggle to get out of that situation as I need to get pass someone to find a pass.


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