ESL 42 Name: Najib Taimor

In Robert Kohls’s “Culture Shock”, the author describes the sudden exposure to a different culture when the international students come to the U.S. Moreover, many people who are immigrating to a new country might feel discouraged. In fact, culture shock has four stages.
The first stage is the “Honeymoon” stage. People will be exposed to the new environment they are usually will have so many fun things to do also, impressed by seeing new places.
Then is the “Hostile” stage, gradually peoples’ focus start changing from the similarities to the differences. They might be struggling because they have been being cut off from the cultural that they are used to.
The next stage is called “Adjustment”. After all the confusions and hassle the immigrants will feel more comfortable by getting familiar with the society.
Lastly is the “Adaption” stage. When people will find out about many customs, ways of doing as well as saying things. If fact, they will be able to function in two cultures with confidence and even their culture will seem strange.
To conclude, anxiety and stress mostly happens to the immigrants who are adjusting to the new culture. Everyone who are immigrating to a new country experiencing the cultural shock in different ways. Thus, once they adapt the culture, it will become a way of life.

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