company I chose to research and go more in-depth about is the Function of
Beauty company. This company is less than a year old and is founded by an MIT
graduate Zahir Dossa. It’s a haircare that offers personalized shampoo and
conditioner specifically for their customers. Function of beauty offers over 12
billion different types of ingredients to their customers to build their own
set of shampoos and conditioners based on what the customer wants or prefers. To
build your own set of products as a customer, the company allows you to build
your own by taking a quiz on their website based on what you like and don’t
like in the product. 

you get to answer questions like your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, coily),
your hair structure (fine, medium, coarse), your hair moisture (dry, normal,
oily) etc. Next will be to pick your five most hair goals (shine, volumize,
anti-frizz, straighten, deep condition, hydrate, color protection etc.) then
the customization of your shampoo and conditioner formula, the type of
fragrance (cucumber mint, essential oils, grapefruit hibiscus, sandalwood
violet), the sense of smell (light, medium, strong), the size of your bottles
you want and how frequent you want the product. You also get the chance to
customize your formulas which are all dye free and have your name personalized
on the bottle. Function of beauty saves all this information under your profile
to make it easy for the customer if he or she wants to reorder the product.

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of beauty is most targeted to the ages 60 or 65 years (age-old) with the
problem of having a better hair and it already has massive revenue of $110
million. The problem is with any new business, there is always strengths and
weaknesses because you don’t know whether customers are going to like your
products. When doing my research about this company, some of the weaknesses I
found was the company doesn’t make it easy for their customers to know exactly
the list of all ingredients that go into their products before they order. The
only information the customer is aware of is the ingredients they personally
chose themselves.

price range was also another weakness I found. Function of beauty charges an
8ounce of shampoo and conditioner for $46 and 16ounze bottles will cost $46
which is relatively high compared to other hair care products. An average
person will typically spend twenty to twenty-seven dollars on hair care
products. Some of the strengths I found about this company was their payment
methods. The customer is guaranteed free shipping and free returns if he or she
is not satisfied with the product. The customer also gets the chance to
re-order their personalized products if they run out. Function of beauty also
offers subscription/monthly subscription to their customers. They also provide
online chat with a chemist if you don’t know what you want or what you are
looking for. Once the customer receives his or her product, there are
directions that guide you through washing and conditioning your hair.

of beauty provides all the list of ingredients in the product when the customer
receives the company. It also guides you through how often you should wash your
hair using their product and helpful tips to keep your hair healthy. This
company’s potential growth has been massive so far even though it is less than
a year old and it has raised $12 million through Y Combinator. The company has
a team that hand fills the shampoos and conditioner, but with technology
advancing, function of beauty uses their robotic machines to fill out their
bottles quicker. The company allows their customers to give their feedback and
provide reviews about their products whether they like the product or dislike
the products. This allows the company to make some changes about their product
to please their customers.

chose this company to research because it is a new company that was started by
a college graduate. As for every business, there is always pros and cons. This company
caught my attention because haircare products are always important. We all want
good products that work for our hair, especially for women. When I researched
more about function of beauty, I found that it will be a good haircare company
because of the choices that the company offers. As individuals, we all have
different hair types and textures. Function of beauty was my favorite company because
of the choices you had as a customer and especially the quiz you take about
your hair type.

of the things I liked the most was the goals you select for your hair. I took a
quiz at the function of beauty website for myself to see how the hair quiz was
set up and I really liked the information that was asked about my hair. Function
of beauty company focuses on their customers individually and makes them feel
special and cared for but not every company takes the time to do that for their
customers individually. One thing that will make customers frustrated will be
the fact that function of beauty does not tell you all the ingredients that go
into your product before you order them. Clicking on each goal is the only way
you can get a sense of what’s in your product.



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