Sociology is the systematic study of human society. At the heart of sociology is a distinctive point of view called the sociological perspective. Sociologists look for general social pattern in the behaviour of individuals as they relate to group and how the group and social structures affect our individual perception and behaviour. Human behaviour is a pattern and also repetitive. Humans behave in different ways to different circumstances. As in the scenario about Mike, it clearly shows how he dealt with the matter of his own attitude towards the dreadful news which he received in the form of a letter. Although, sociological perspective comes in different forms, it has some similarity in which humans react to circumstances that arises in everyday life.
Everyday life consists of every day human interaction. This shows how it is good to know about how individuals behave to problems that they face in everyday life. At times you would wonder why people have certain reaction to problems. After studying about sociological perspective, I can see now why individuals have similar behaviour and interaction to each other. In the scenario, about Mike, he dealt with the problem by himself. He didn’t really follow the behavioural pattern of others. He simply did what he has to do. His reaction and the rest of the workers have different ways in which they deal with the situation that arises among them. Although Mike didn’t follow the behavioural patterns of the group he still ends up having the same reaction and emotional feelings like the rest. The main purpose is that it shows how an individual doesn’t notice that they are all the same when it comes to how they react to certain situation. Even though, one can fight his emotions by himself but still it goes according to how society influence people and how people influence the society. This is where it clearly shows how Mike and his other co-workers came together to share ideas, compare notes and that they realise that what had happened was something not as for an individual but it affects the whole group of people. Little did they know that if one is affected by society all the others are affected as well.
The scenario is a good example of social perspective. It shows how they society affects individual or group of people and vice versa it shows too how these group of people affects the society. It is not easy to go through moments of disappointment, especially when you think you are doing your best and the work that one holds is for betterment in life. It shows how society’s problem can really change the way we interact with one another and also shows the emotions that we expose when difficulties arises.
In conclusion, social perspective in its different forms shapes our behavioural attitudes. It is not only individual behaviour but also the whole society.


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