16.  At last, we installed the intake manifold and
the intake manifold assembly. Moreover, tightened its bolts.

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15.  After all this, we placed the camshaft covers
on both sides and tightened its bolts, and then we installed the spark plugs
and the coils back onto its position and tightened the coil bolts at 10 N.m.

14.  The next part, which we installed, was the
water pump we placed the gasket and then the water pump on the front of engine
cover. On the top of it, we installed the water pump pulley.

13.  Then we placed the actuator valves onto its
position and tightened its bolts at 10 N.m.

12.  After this, we installed the camshaft position
sensor on the front of the cover and tightened its bolts.

11.  Then we started installing the engine front
cover we applied some sealant on the boundary of the engine front cover and
placed the cover on it s position and tightened its bolts according to the
specification that is 23 N.m.

10.  We again followed all the first 5 steps to
install and align the right secondary drive chain and we also installed the
tensioner, guide and shoe in last to it.

In last, we
installed the tensioner and guides in the primary drive chain.

 We followed the same step again on the right
camshaft idler and aligned its marking with the marking given on the drive
chain link. Last in aligning the primary chain, we aligned the crankshaft
sprocket mark with the drive chain mark.

Then we
moved towards installing the primary camshaft drive chain and we placed the
drive chain on the large sprocket of each camshaft intermediate drive chain idler
and the sprocket and we aligned the timing mark given on the timing chain with
the drive chain idler timing mark.

Install the
guide, shoe and tensioner and tighten the there according to the specification
provided by the manufacturer that is 23 N.m on the left secondary drive chain.

In addition,
one more thing there will be 18 links between idler and the left actuator

NOTE: Make sure that after installing the left
secondary drive chain to check that it is installed perfectly count the number
of links from the intake actuator sprocket circle mark to the exhaust actuator
circle mark there should be 7 links in between both circle marks.

Now place
the secondary drive chain around both left actuator drive sprocket and make
sure that the drive chain link has to be aligned with the circle mark on the
left exhaust camshaft position actuator sprocket and again the same step has to
be repeated on the intake position actuator sprocket there will be a circle
mark on the sprocket that has to be aligned with the drive chain.

For installing
the drive chain, we have to install the chain according to the marking given on
the manufacturer manual so for installing first place the left secondary drive
chain which is on the inner sprocket of left drive chain idler and make sure the
chain link should be aligned to the hole of alignment which is made on idler
outer sprocket.

looking the camshaft with the help of camshaft alignment plate, we started
installing the left side secondary drive chain.

Before doing
the re installation process first place the camshaft-holding tool at the back
of the camshafts by this the camshaft will not be able to move more than 10
degrees and this is very important because without locking the camshaft we
cannot install the chain back.


17.  In addition to it, we started by removing the
left secondary drive chain tensioner, then shoe and then the guide for taking
out the left drive chain.

16.  After removing the primary drive chain, the
next part, we moved on was the left secondary drive chain removal in this we
followed the same steps which we used during the removal of right secondary
drive chain.

15.  In next step, we started removing the primary
drive chain, in this first we removed the primary drive chain tensioner and
there were two guides which we have to remove before taking out the chain.

14.  After taking out the tensioner, shoe and guide
we removed the secondary drive chain from the right camshaft position actuator
and right intermediate drive chain idler sprocket.

13.  The next part we removed was the right
secondary drive chain guide.

12.  After this, we removed the right secondary drive
chain shoe by unscrewing the shoe bolt.

11.  In next step, we unscrewed the right secondary
drive chain tensioner bolt and took out the tensioner and also removed the

Fig: 1.1 (source: AllData)










pry bar at proper pry bar points (fig: 1.1) to prevent damage to camshaft
position sensor and actuator.

10.  Then we took off the engine front cover bolts
and with the help of a pry bar we removed the front cover

We started
unscrewing the actuator valve bolts which is at the front cover and removed the
camshaft position actuator valve.

Then we took
off the water pump bolts and removed the water pump with its gasket from the
front of the engine cover.

The next
step is to remove the water pump pulley with the help of a holding tool we
removed the water pump pulley bolts and then the pulley.

We repeated
the Step 5 again for removing the
right side camshaft cover.

After this, we
removed the left side camshaft cover from the cylinder head by taking off the 4
bolts which are at each corner of the camshaft cover.

The next
part is to take out the ignition coil bolt and we started unscrewing the bolts
from left side first and taken out the ignition coils and spark plugs.

taking out the assembly remove the lower intake manifold gasket.

Then remove
the intake manifold assembly after taking out the bolts.

We started
the procedure by taking off the intake manifold by removing the bolts which is
at the center of the manifold.



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