Elaborate on one of your extra curricula activities or work experience (150-250 words).

Pressing against the winds, curving the circular path as a long as the translation with the simplest movement of left foot, right foot, breathing and relaxing thought me important values of life.

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Running with the mindset of winning a prize has made me to make conscious efforts to practice very well. At times, training has to be done on a gravel land with heavy load attached to me to try hard to run to increase upon a second. This has made me to realize difficult times in one’s life which has to me adapted to. Training regularly with my calf muscles loosen and breathe settling down in a deep rhythm has made to work hard in my doing and taught me to be consistent.

Anytime I set on a race I always want to catch up with the athlete or maintain the lead to the end. I do this with enough confidence and by starting explosively especially when running 4 by 100 meters dash. The joy in me is at its peak when all of my other counterpart also maintain the lead and we all win. This has made me to appreciate collective success and has made me to accept and help others. I do it willing because I do not it willingly, there is no point doing it at all. Hence I always want to add value to the environment I found myself and others.0n the racing track, I always look to the finish line and not compare myself to other athlete because I know comparing limits one’s abilities. Hence I always run out of self-challenge and as my ability give me utterance.


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