Effective team is a description of “the capacity a team has to accomplish the goals or objectives administered by an authorized personnel or the organization”. (Wikipedia)
Therefore, for a team to be an effective one to accomplishing goals or objectives, it should have such characteristics as these;
Implementation; what makes effective team is that ideas are not left in empty space. It involves translating ideas into action. According to Belbin, “implementers are reliable and disciplined members of the team and are useful to an organization because of their inclination and capacity to do whatever work needs to be done”.
Monitoring and Evaluation; it focuses on performance measurement. Effective team take cognisant of their output in respect to weaknesses and strengths to identify areas that need to be maximized. “Monitor Evaluators are serious-minded, prudent individuals best suited to analysing problems and evaluating ideas and suggestions to determine their viability, and help develop them further”. (Belbin)
Others include;
Creativity; this focuses on the integration of diverse skills to meeting the same objectives. The team should have a wide range of presenting the same idea, product still in ways that satisfy customer demand. Where creativity is outplayed, it makes the organization competitive.
Clear purpose; knowing what to do, why and how in and of themselves are half of problem solved. Effective team makes it clearer the purpose of the team to get all involved.
Accountability; this holds individuals responsible for their actions. It means that whoever is entrusted an activity is required to provide team with feedback.
Where there exist effective team, it gets the team going and focus. Effective team becomes competitive on the scale of preference. They deliver within time and meet customer or organisation’s satisfaction. For example, “where others may struggle to maintain interest in routine tasks, implementers are ideally suited to this kind of work and are likely to develop a reputation for getting things done on time”. (Belbin).
Again, through monitoring and evaluation, effective team lives with the flexibility of adjusting to the status-quo to always bring the best of results.


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