Week 3 was a very important
learning curb I would say. The Thomas Kilmann Assessment gave me the same
conflict style what I had in mind. The five types of conflict styles that we
have learnt is very impressive. Getting to know about these styles has given me
information on how to go about in a conflict situation. I would say that it is
the most meaningful aspect of week 3. The topics learned in week 3 were very
clear and understandable. So I did not have any unclear topics to discuss


The case studies given in week 3
were all amazing examples of the conflict styles that we have read. All 5 types
of conflict styles namely Avoiding, Competing, Compromising, Accommodation and
Collaborating were explained perfectly. The case study examples covered all types
of conflict styles mentioned and made the learning very easy. They complemented
each other brilliantly to point out how a conflict should be resolved and how a
conflict should not be.

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I would say I definitely met the
stated learning objectives for this week because I learnt all the 5 types of
conflict styles and studied many articles regarding the conflict styles to gain
more knowledge.

The 5 types of conflict styles are
as follows

This style is an approach were it is a win-lose situation. In this style people
act in a very assertive way. By doing this they try to achieve their goal. They
do not cooperate with the opposite party. They compete with them and win the

In the collaborating style both the parties have to pair up with each other and
come to a common solution. This way they can change the win-lose situation to a
win-win situation.

This is a strategy were you avoid the issue. Both parties do not have a win
situation. Jay at last tried to apply this strategy to win the argument.

Here one party cooperates with the other at a high degree were you can go
against your own goals. This is just to maintain the relationship with the

This is a situation in which both parties are come to a temporary solution.
This is a lose-lose situation.

Week 3 reading assignment and the
Thomas Kilmann materials were complementing each other. The Conflict resolving
styles were carried out in a similar way. The explanation given for each styles
supported the Thomas Kilman materials and showered light to my understanding.


I have started preparing well for
the assessment paper. I have started to implement all the conflict styles and
observing the reactions of others. I am gathering many materials regarding the
same. So that I can learn more and understand the subject.


I would say the highlight of my
paper would be the collaborating style. I feel that is very informative and
puts both the parties in a win-win situation. That is very meaningful according
to me because when both of them cooperate with each other and resolve a
conflict, it is very professional. The relationship is also maintained.




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