Eating out can be a very pleasurable experience. Since I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat, especially tacos. When I was little I remember going to eat at real Mexican restaurant every weekend in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. A small city where I used to live when I was little before moving to Donna, Tx. When I moved to the Valley, I missed going to Mexico to eat. We only went twice a month and that was not enough for me. This year that I graduated from high school I decided to go back to live in Mexico, so As Mexican, I really love Mexican food; and talking about tacos I am very demanding of those restaurants called ”Mexican restaurants”. Every time I am here in the Valley I go to Nana’s taqueria because they have the best tacos. You cannot find a better place to eat Mexican food.
This place has the perfect location as there is no traffic and it is super easy to get there. One of the best things about the location is that they have a great place to park, so you will not struggle to find a place that you like. Since you arrive at the taqueria, you get the best services of having a free and safe parking.
I’m impressed with the beautiful garden of Nana’s taqueria. It is perfect to take pictures, enjoy the mariachis and food. Since you arrive to Nana’s taqueria you feel like in Mexico. The whole place has the essence of Mexican culture. They have some beautiful
chairs with a Mexican vibes and typical Mexican things hanging from the trees in the garden. It is a beautiful place to take pictures since natural light makes the photo look amazing.
Nana’s taqueria is a cozy place. Everyone who work there are the kindness people in the world. They make us feel like home. Nana’s taqueria have a fast service that makes the experience even better. One of the things that I like most about eating at nana’s taqueria is that you choose where you want to eat. Whether you want to eat inside or if you want to eat outdoor enjoying of the garden and another incredible service more: the mariachi.
When I breathe the aroma of the Mexican food, it always reminds me to my grandma’s kitchen. When I see the women cooking the delicious dishes makes me appreciate a little more the Mexican culture. I can realize that they keep their work area clean as well as the restroom because it is an open place. In addition, what can I not say about the whole restaurant? It is beautiful. The walls are full of beautiful colors and (brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures) alebrijes that transmit to you to Mexican culture.
This beautiful place has the most delicious Mexican food. They have a variety of dishes at a reasonable price and with a very fast service that makes Nana’s taqueria the best restaurant in the world. The dishes as I said before are delicious and the presentation is everything. You are really receiving Mexican food at a good price. The most requested dishes are tacos and ( kind of sandwich) tortas. Nana’s taqueria uses clay dishes which makes the experience much better. Drinks are something that I really enjoy at Nana’s Taqueria. The lemonade is my favorite. As well as the dishes, Nana’s taqueria uses small clay vases to serve her drinks. Super Mexican vibes.

I like the experience of eating there enjoying the music of the mariachis, the good service, and the delicious Mexican food. You cannot find better place to eat Mexican food.

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