E-commerce is an electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to buying and selling goods or services online. E-commerce is the transfer of money and data executed through these transactions. E-commerce is beneficial for a business because it allows for the sale of physical products facilitated through the internet. There are two main types of business transactions, (B2C) Business to consumer and (B2B) Business the business.
(B2C) Business to consumer e-commerce is the exchange of goods and services over the internet, referring to the activities of a business of selling products, information and services through online retailers. Business to consumer companies have become immensely popular as it allows for the convenience of online shopping. The advantages of (B2C) e-commerce software is it grants global reach for the businesses, expanding the direct connection with the consumers through the internet. The disadvantages of (B2C) is the security of e-commerce, someone may refuse to purchase goods and services they do not trust.
(B2B) Business to business, e-commerce is a business sells goods and services to another business, for instance, a business selling software-as-a-service for another business to use. The advantages of business to business is it allows for fewer clients than retailer sellers, this is because of the potential to make more money through a single business. The limitations of business to business is it relies heavily on social media and advertising, therefore (B2B) providers must carefully investing in quality staff or outside agencies to benefit from these digital tool.
E-Commerce is beneficial to both business and consumers because it allows for growth of online transactions. E-Commerce is relatively simple, cost-effective and efficient for a business, compared to retail stores they do not have a physical store, limiting the ability of only serving people in the area. Electronic businesses


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