The Rainforest Action Network. (2017,
March 6). The understory: How many trees are cut down every year? Retrieved

Wright, J. (n.d.). Importance of
Computer Education to Students. Retrieved from

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In the article ¨Stop using computers
in school¨ it says that students should look for information through history
books and encyclopaedias instead of using computers, but I totally disagree
with this point of view because all these books and encyclopaedias can be available in a
digital version and can be stored as documents on the computers. That will help
students to learn faster and they will spend less time searching for
information on the computers rather than the hours it used to take browsing
between thousands of books in the library.


Computers don’t hurt the planet’s
forests as the paper making process do. According to a survey done by The
Rainforest Action Network (2017), about 35 percent of the total tree cut every year
around the world are used to produce paper which means that nearly 4 billion
trees cut every year just to produce paper, not to mention how much energy it
takes used to produce paper. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Computers
provide a digital form of any paper form which means that no more trees need to
suffer, and we’ll be saving the forests.


According to the article ¨Importance
of Computer Education to Students¨ written by James Wright, he points out that
students who use computers get higher grades on exams than students who do not
use computers. This is because the computers get students to be more concerned
with their classes which make them regularly follow their lessons even at home,
so they ultimately perform better on exams and therefore gets higher grades.


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