During the Taxpayers’ Service Month, the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia established more service counters with a longer service period, including during weekends, to help public and taxpayers deal with their tax matters and assist them in submitting their tax returns and forms. Indirectly, this opportunity was used by the tax authority as an educational platform and encourages people to hasten their submission and feel convenient when submitting their forms (Hassan, Nawawi, ; Salin, 2016).

Tax authority also intensified its promotion and marketing activities to the public by disseminating more information via radio, TV, printed press and magazines, brochures and websites. This tax educational programme aimed to educate taxpayers on their responsibilities to increase the level of voluntary tax compliance (IRB, 2015). The public and taxpayer awareness will increase based on the importance of expediting the income tax returns forms submission as well as informing the public on various services offered by the tax authority (Hassan, Nawawi, ; Salin, 2016).

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