During the scan, the sonographer is often required to extend and abduct the arm away from the body to hold the transducer in the required position and then use fine controlled movements to obtain an ideal image. During this scanning action, they simultaneously operate the keyboard with their other hand and rotate their head back and forth between the patient and monitor. Sonographers are encouraged to position their bodies and the machine to ensure they have comfortable posture to reduce the stresses placed on their bodies. Sometimes, this is not possible, and when awkward, poor posture is sustained for long periods of time, the risk of musculoskeletal injury is higher. The literature shows that when a poor scanning position is used it causes significant stress on the upper body, particularly the shoulders, neck and back1 which can lead to injury. These injuries have significant outcomes for the sonographers and the profession whereby

80–95% of sonographers experience work-related pain1, 2
90% experience this pain for more than half their career2
one in five sonographers sustain a career ending work-related injury3

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