During the 1900’s, the Great Depression occurred and was the biggest stock market crash in history. This created a lot of damage to the United States, causing millions of people to lose all their money, their homes and jobs. It affected other countries, including Germany, France and Great Britain. Each government handled the crisis in different ways, some better than others.
In the United States, the government took different approaches to handling the crisis at hand.
Herbert Hoover was president at the beginning
helping germany out with their debt from WW1, (dawes plan)
great depression put a strain on the plan causing germany to drown in even more debt
Everything the US was working towards got put on hold
Alcohol was no longer illegal


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In enough debt from WW1
Using the States money to repay England and France
Losing their money from states, causes germans to go into poverty
Hitler comes in with ideas to change how things are run, tries to overthrow government
Gets out and quietly advocates to get germans jobs and have the entire German economy increase
Doesn’t get voted in multiple times, but has enough power over the crowd that Hindenburg adopted him into the government
When Hindenburg dies, Hitler is chancellor and president
Hitler changes the constitution, and fuses the role of Chancellor and President into one? Fuhrer
Becomes dictator of Germany and invades Poland
WW2 begins


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