DTR or Daily Time Record in Divine Light Academy is being conducted by the Administrators through their filling up such as name, time in and out, date, department/area of assign, and total of hours within the last day of the month they computing their overall total hours then pass through the HR (Human Resource). The daily time record of the administrators, teachers and staff are currently using a daily time record (DTR) are all printed into physical copies. That of which includes an everyday recording and as an old practice it is unreliable because if you forgot to take it the daily time record to the guard it can affect the outcome of their salary in the end of month. The problem arises when recently; one of the guards in the school misplaced the records of the attendance. Over time, they notice that the current machine they’re using is not that reliable. In order to help the school to have a reliable and hassle free way of recording their daily attendance, the researcher recommended the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to have easier recording of attendance.


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