In this paper we will be discussing what, how, and why a drought occurs and what we can do to prevent and stop these droughts and not lose all of our valuable resources. Also going to talk about how it damages the environment and how human lives have been impacted by these droughts.How and why a Drought occurs is when there is not enough rain for a long period of time. Another way a drought may occur is if the pattern in wind moves the clouds and moisture through the atmosphere which can cause a place to not receive its original amount of rain over a long period of time. Sometimes it’s very hard to predict when one might come along. Also a drought can be caused by people using up too much water we might not have enough when a drought occurs. If your water source is a river you could be in danger because it could move upstream and you will have to follow it or you will have a drought and will not have any water.Droughts are one of the major things that damage the environment because, plants need water to survive along with animals and if a drought comes along then that limited source of water will disappear due to animals and plants using it and will run out and have nothing to live on. Also would cause a lot of wildfires because without rain the trees will die and could catch on fire and burn down a lot of land or even a whole forest. There would most definitely be dry and poor soil because without the water it would dry up and become useless.How people lives have been impacted from drought is that from an example on the article it’s like a domino effect. So for example say we get a drought the would dry up the crops. Then from the crops if they are all burn and useless that means farmers are losing their supplies. If farmers lose their supply then they will go bankrupt and can’t farm anymore which leads to stores not getting any food. If that happens then stores have a limited amount of supplies which that means we have a limited source of food. That wouldn’t last long wil 7.6 billion people.So how do we prepare for a drought? A few examples are checking your well pump periodically, Plant native and drought-tolerant grasses, ground covers, shrubs, trees, And install irrigation devices. For the inside of your house the things we do to prevent a drought is not pouring water down drains, repairing dripping faucets, and also check all plumbing for leaks. How you can prepare outside is like not buying stuff like fountains that use a lot of water. If we do all of these we can be prepared for a drought because we will not have wasted water. What can we do to recover from a drought? We can take inventory so after we get past that drought we should collect as much inventory as possible to prepare for the next one that might occur. Start planning to get forage resources so that helps maximize your overall health. Also you should recover all the grass destroyed during the drought so we can keep up because if another drought happens we would lose a lot more grass and will not be able to plant anything. Overall, we can prevent droughts or at least be prepared for droughts by making sure we do not use up our water, make sure to plant plants, also making sure that we regrow our grass after a drought happens so we can replant plants and trees and shrubs. And make sure you do not waste water and/or your supplies.


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