Driving is the control and operation of a motor vehicle. Also, having a great force, acting with vigor and communication force. Driving during the summer and the winter can be different but could aslo be the same in some ways. Basic driving decisions are always the same no matter what season it is. At anytime you have to signal correctly, pay attention to everything around including traffic, and be sure to concentrate on getting to point a to point b. Winter may be the hardest season, while summer is rather easier.
Winter and Summer are different in some ways but not many. Winter could cause vehicles to spin out of control just by easily tapping on the brakes. As in summer , with dry pavement, cars and drivers respond quicker and avoid many accidents. In some cases you have people that will not drive due to winter weather conditions. Summer is one of the most difficults times for teenage drivers,especially on their summer breaks. Lack of driving experience, having much time on their hands to do almost anything, and all the distractions they bring in their cars makes summer a bad season for them. Winter is uniquely wonderful because its associated with the main holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas which have gatherings that bring families together.
While the heat in the summer is difficult weather, in the winter the heavy rain and snow storms are even harder for the most experienced drivers. However its all sorts of ways to enjoy the road in either or season. For instance, summertimes allows time for drivers with high visibility to go to great places like the beach. While winter may have less light and bad weather, driving to snowy places or to see holiday lights are special experiences also. So of course, in either rain or shine, theres risks and rewards on the roads of the seasons.

Barbara Williams

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Walmart Stores Incorporated Company

702 S.W. Eighth St., Bentonville, Ar 72716

August 7, 2017

Mr. Sam Walton
432 Bienville St.
Toledo Bend, La 71457

Dear Mr. Walton

I would like to report a complaint that was taken place on July 19, 2017. This was my first time ever ordering from you guys. The first couple of days the phone was pretty decent . It worked as expected and I was very pleased and ready to use.

I would like to report the problems as follows:

On July 21st the phone was then turned on and ready for use . It worked perfectly fine the entire day . Later on that day I began to download a couple apps and the began to glitch . The glitching only got worse. The phone would turn all sorts of colors and would blank out and wouldn’t come on for minutes.

A few days later the phone charge wouldn’t last long . It would last about 30 minutes and then it’s on 5%. Not only was the charge not lasting long , if I plugged it in the phone it would blank out and cut off and then come on about ten minutes later. So I called Walmart Customer Service back and I asked one of the representatives could they help me figure out what was wrong and how could I fix the problem . So after all the trouble we went through come to find out , the phone was used .

When I ordered the phone it was never said or was it in the details that the phone was used . So I asked if I could get my money back and they said no because you can’t return used phones after they’ve been ordered so many times. Overall I’m writing to let you know I would like to return the phone and receive the phone money back that was paid for it . If I can’t have a fair return or exchange further consequences will take place .

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Williams


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