words that are total opposite go hand-in-hand when referring to higher
education and ways that we can continue to improve the quality of education
system we have. Diversity is having variance and an unlike, mixed group of
people. However, equity is synonymous with the same or having a certain
likeness. The two are very different, but when put into context with higher
education, they can work together to create a huge impact and be truly

            Equity and diversity underlines
social equality with enhancement in the present education system. From court
choices and new enactment to expansion of the education workforce, we can see
the effect that equity and diversity has on individuals working in higher
education. Through our own learning styles, we can give assets and make groups
surrounding these issues open doors for inclusion, which empowers development
and comprehension in the higher education system.

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            The U.S. Branch of Education’s main
goal is to advance undergraduate accomplishment and planning for worldwide
aggressiveness by encouraging student success and guaranteeing equality and
diversity. Indispensable to advancing that mission is supporting endeavors to
make assorted and inviting atmospheres for everyone. During President Obama’s
Administration, he urged organizations not to just pull in and concede students
from different foundations and experiences, but to increase the retention rate
on their campuses. His administration also upheld endeavors by organizations of
advanced education to utilize lawful reasonable techniques to advance student diversity
on campus, by issuing direction and specialized help to enable universities to
do as such. Through these systems, we can accomplish the objective of setting
up the majority of the country’s students to be remarkable residents of the
world and to contend in a worldwide domain.

            In order to give significant and
equitable encounters to students of color, students of low-income, and other
underrepresented populaces, schools have executed practices intended to address
the issues on their individual campuses. Institutions needs to value diversity
by continuously making strides to better quality atmospheres. Valuing diversity
will not only prepare individuals to live in any society, but will enrich lifestyles
and can encourage others to equally validate experiences across all
backgrounds. In order to fully value diversity and equity, all parties must
extend their knowledge of the two subjects and seek to understand and be lead
to opportunities to interact with those who are different than you. By
challenging derogatory actions and seeking opportunities to gain understanding
of different cultural backgrounds, students and all faculties can ensure that
the learning space is always valuing equity and diversity.

            While at Texas State University I
helped run and organize a freshman orientation program, known as Bobcat
Preview. During this program we prepare the freshman class for their first
semester at our university in order to make sure they are successful from day
one until their graduation day. Many presentations and workshops help make the
program what it is and one in particular is always a fan favorite. The
Diversity and Inclusion workshop is interactive and allows students to
understand the importance of equity and diversity. Educators, administrators,
and staff are not the only ones who can make a difference regarding this
subject. Students need to be aware of the diverse atmosphere that campuses
provide while also taking their own steps to insure that inclusion is a major
topic that can be noticed through the campus atmosphere. 


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