Discussion Questions Answers to “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude”

Question 1 Answer

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The definition of humility is, “humbleness or meekness,” according to the Oxford Canadian Dictionary (2006, p. 475). Humility to me means that when you are better at something then another person, you don’t brag or make a big deal about yourself. An example would be if I was playing a game with a friend and I was better then him, I wouldn’t constantly talk about how good I am or make fun of how bad he is. Instead I would complement his own skills, or give him tips in order to play better. In the end humility is a way to show respect to another person.

Question 2 Answer

Some key characteristics of a pizza delivery dude’s job are bringing pizza to customers, being polite, on time, and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with their service. A job I have, working at Walmart, is similar to the pizza dude’s job. I have to ensure that when a customer comes in that they are satisfied with the service they recive in our store. I also need to work quickly to make sure our shelves are stocked so the customer has the bets selection possible. These are the characteristics of a pizza dude’s job as well as the ways in which my job is similar

Question 3 Answer

The reason the author believes that the pizza dude “sleeps the sleep of the just” is because he is doing honest labor and working hard for his wages. Using the example of a corrupt CEO, the pizza dude isn’t using dishonest means in order to benefit himself, and in the process hurting other people. Instead he is contributing to his society by working hard and doing his best to support himself. For these reasons the author states that the pizza dude can “sleep the sleep of the just.”

Question 4 Answer

I believe the author is trying to convey the message that honest work, no matter the job, is worthy of respect. That we shouldn’t look down on people who work low paying jobs because as Sarah Adams says in the story “some money is better then none”. Another theme would be that hard work and honest labor is better then getting rich quickly and dishonestly. It is better to be a pizza dude who works hard for the monet he earns then to be a corrupt CEO who cares only about himself. So in writing this story, Sarah Adams is trying to teach that we should be content with good and honest work.

Question 5 Answer

When I see people who work jobs that would be considered “poor jobs”, or jobs that are thought less of in our culture, I shouldn’t think, “Those poor people, working a job like that.” Instead I should have respect for anyone who is willing to work to support themselves no matter the job. They’re just like me, trying to support themselves in this world through honest labor, as well as trying to make a better life for themselves. Any person who works hard and always gives the best effort they can should be respected. Whether that person is a high paid doctor or a janitor cleaning washrooms, there is respect to be had in hard, honest, work.


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