·       Introduction

A watermark is a form, image or text that is impressed into paper that
provides evidence of its authenticity. It is the form of bit pattern that is
inserted into a digital image, audio or video file which identifies the file’s
copyright information. The watermarking techniques are classified based on two
domains. Spatial domain is that the two subset positions are changed based in
the perceptual analysis denotes the variant intensity value in the image. A
digital watermark is a kind of marker covertly embedded in a noise-tolerant
signal such as an audio, video, image data.

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·       Related Literature/Works

watermarking is a technology of embedding watermark with intellectual property
rights into images, videos, audios, and other multimedia data by a certain
algorithm. The basic characteristics of digital watermark are imperceptibility,
capacity, robustness and false positive of watermarking algorithm and security
of the hiding place. Moreover, it is concluded that various attacks operators
are used for the assessment of watermarking systems, which supplies an
automated and fair analysis of substantial watermarking methods for chosen
application areas.




Summary of findings from literature

         Watermarking the image files has
recently become the focus of much attention. The transmission rate of the data
over internet has played the major challenge that allows the illegal
proliferation of the watermarking relies on the desire to preserve the file
quality and also the damaging of the files need to be prevented. This review on
the different watermarking techniques gives the clear concept of the
watermarking scheme.


Future research/Development

The advent of the Internet has resulted in many new
opportunities for the creation and delivery of content in digital form. Applications
include electronic advertising, real time video and audio delivery, digital
repositories and libraries, and Web publishing. An important issue that arises
in these applications is the protection of the rights of all participants. *It
has been recognized for quite some time that current copyright laws are
inadequate for dealing with digital data.

This has led to an interest towards developing new copy deterrence
and protection mechanisms. One such e?ort that has been attracting increasing
interest is based on digital watermarking techniques. Digital watermarking is
the process of embedding information into digital multimedia content such that
the information (which we call the watermark) can later be extracted or
detected for a variety of purposes including copy prevention and control.
Digital watermarking has become an active and important area of research, and
development and commercialization of watermarking techniques is being deemed
essential to help address some of the challenges faced by the rapid
proliferation of digital content.


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