Android found to be most infected mobile platform but the
rate of getting infected is reduced in 2016 in contrast to previous years as
Android has improved its architecture now.

Many malicious activities have been observed by Symantec
related to mobile devices about 1.4 million in 2016.

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Whether it is to infect victims with ransomware, steal
credentials data, deliver malware payloads, or earn initial access to perform
larger or side attacks. They generally move undiscovered for day or even
ages.  Email has justified success and
does not rely on vulnerabilities. It only infect when victims click on link


It is also highlighting fact that   attackers no longer require deep technical
knowledge to commit any crime they just need computer and internet connection
just because they are making use of online tools

Report says financial criminals getting bigger and
destructive day by day they are moving from traditional credit card era to
inner working of financial industry.

ISTR-22 mentions the movements in cyber espionage shift
being utilized to cause chaos, interruption, betrayal; and also to influence
the results in the election system, the political control of cyber-attacks is
expanding plus growing and nation states are planning to be on the offensive
when targeted.

It shows while leading attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities
endure to be a biggest threat, cyber criminals endure to use spear phishing and
typical tools to blend in with normal traffic.

ISTR-22-2017 hikes several major incidents and events from
2016 includes the attacks against the Unites States Presidential Election, the
multimillion-dollar bank break-in with Bank of Bangladesh and largest (DDoS)
attacks using a botnet of Internet of Things (IoT).

This is the latest addition of Internet security threat
Report which includes state of the cyber threats across the world.





Symantec discovered first technical support scam in 2010.
Attackers use to trick masses with false pop-ups that direct them to serious

Ransomware was not only threat people were going through as
people are more towards online stuff attackers are discovering new ways to lure


In 2015, ransomware discovered new objects and moved beyond
its target on PCs to Mac, and Linux systems and smart phones.

An extremely profitable kind of attack Last year we
experienced crypto ransomware which was bit less damaging some locking style

Here Cybercriminal using cryptographic Encryption scheme.


Vulnerabilities can come out in almost any sort of software,
but the most alluring to addressed attackers is software that is mostly used
for instance Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer which are used on a daily basis
by a ample number of professionals.

Percentage of finding zero day vulnerability has been
increased to 54% according to ISTR-212016 which is doubled from previous year
as in 2014 it was 24%.


There was more than one million web attack against masses in
2015. Those Cyber criminals continue with their activities and extract full
advantag? of vulnerabilities in legitimate websites to poison users because
website administrators declined to secure their websites. We are at risk due to
around 75% of legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities,

Discovered Vulnerabilities in three Quarter of Websites

After all roller costar of 2015 The World experienced huge
data breach ever in history around 191 million records were exposed in fact
this not accurate figure because more companies aren’t telling exact figures of
their data breach according to Symantec quantity of untold data breach is
around Half a billion.

Half a Billion Stolen or Lost Records

Here are some trends which were in News in 2015.

In ISTR-2016 Symantec determined that existence of malware
has been increased about 430 million in 2015 almost more than 36% as per last
year statistics but this news isn’t shocking for us as we are aware of Attacks
against businesses and nation touching breaking news with  regulatory that have become the reason of
acceleration in cyber-attack.  This
Security threat report covers extensive area of cyber threat attack, Smartphone
threats, Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities and media scams further it also
has an observation of attacker’s motivations, behaviors and tactics.



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