My family and I just moved into a house for a great price and the neighborhood is hopefully safe. Our neighbor give us disappointed looks whenever they walk by our house, but my mom says their just jealous. My parent’s fixed the plumbing and straightened the house up in less than six months, which I thought was a short time.A few weeks later, I wake up hearing my mom screaming in the bedroom, I jump out of bed and run into my brother in the hallway. We glanced at each other worried about what will happened and we run to our parents room, I kick the door open and see my mom’s headless body lying on the ground in the bathroom while her bloody head dangling on the light above the mirror. David turns around and sees my dad lying down in the bed unconscious. Scared, David calls the police crying and telling them what he saw.When they arrived I was already in tears with David on the front porch. A police officer spoke with David asking him questions after he stopped crying, “What happened upstairs?”“I don’t know.” replied David.“How old are you and your sister and where is your father?”“I’m 12 and she is 8. My dad is unconscious upstairs.” I started to cry even harder.More police cars and an ambulance came in front of our house, neighbors soon were getting out of their houses to see what all the commotion was about, when they saw us they just shook their heads sadly as if they knew what happened. My dad finally wakes up yelling, “What the heck happened? What the heck happened to my wife?” and runs to the front door confused with what’s going on, they pull him aside telling him the sad truth and ask him questions. He answers them all, but he stubbornly asked, “Who murdered my wife?”When they told him that they didn’t know who, my dad slowly turns around and walks into the house. I shyly follow my dad and hold his hand repeating over and over, ”What do we do now? What do we do now?” He sighed, “I don’t know sweetie.” Once my mom got murdered, my dad was depressed all the time and found a new wife two weeks later. David told me that he was online dating trying to find a new wife to keep him company and help him raise us better. The police didn’t know what to do since they had no clues and they were busy with robberies around the city, I always hated the police anyway.Our new ‘mom’ didn’t like the fact that she slept in a bedroom where someone was murdered, dad wanted her to be happy, so she got to choose a room she wanted instead. She chose my room to sleep in, probably because it was the biggest room. “Samantha, why do I have to sleep here? My mom recently died here! Why can’t David sleep here and I sleep in his room?” Talking sense into her did not work, it just got her mad, “Shut up and sleep here or you will sleep in the garage!” Dad came in drooping and mumbled, “Listen to you mother please.” “She is not my mom.” I said back, glaring at Samantha. She glared back and went to the bathroom mirror to admire her reflection. Satisfied with her beauty, she walked out and somehow tripped on the mat falling the floor. I tried to hold back a laugh as she stumbled out of the room angrily slamming the door behind her.At night I woke up hearing scratching noises, I look at my window. Then, in the bathroom the noises grew louder. I slowly walk up to the mirror, turning on the bathroom light I shakely ask, “Hello, anybody there?”, no answer. As I walk away I looked back into the bathroom with the light still on, the light was flickering. I even thought I heard muffled whispers from the sink. But whatever, I didn’t pay much attention because I was still tired.In the morning, I run downstairs looking for my dad and breakfast. There was a note a the fridge saying that Samantha and Dad were going on a trip to Galveston, and they will be back tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. I go upstairs to wake up my brother and tell him to make me breakfast, as usual he was sleeping. I punch him awake and he lazily comes out of bed and makes breakfast. The rest of the day, David and I play video games. Night comes faster than I expected, I fall asleep easily but wake up at night hearing the same noises last night.This time I know that I’m dreaming because my mom stands in front of me telling me to stay away from something, before it gets me too. I wake up panicking and more scared than ever. I look at the bathroom in front of me angrily and before I was even thinking of what I was about to do I run into the bathroom kicking and running wild. I suddenly stop once I feel something, something cold, something digging into my skin peeling my flesh. I scream like how my mom did, a rotten hand covers my mouth while slowly slicing my arms with it’s teeth, I was in too much pain. It stopped and disappeared into the walls once my brother ran in.He saw me and called the hospital and police telling them to hurry before I lose too much blood. He looks at me freaking out and asking, “Who did this to you? What happened?” The ambulance arrives and takes me to the hospital calling my dad, Samantha told them to take care of me but they are not going back no matter what. I really hate her now, I literally almost died and all she wants is to stay in Galveston with my dad lying on the sand tanning.


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