Define counting crimes? It is about statistics on crime and criminal justice. The validity and reliability of Canada’s crime, measures and discuss about the long-standing debate over the statistics whether it affects the Criminal Justice System.

Reliability- Identifies one of the standards against which the tools used to measure concepts are judged. It refers to results over the time.

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Validity- the extent to which a tool or instrument actually measures the concept the researcher claims to be interested in and not something else.
What is Uniform Crime Reports (URC) and Victimization Surveys? URC- It is designated to provide uniform and comparable national statistics.

Victimization Surveys- ask people whether they have been victims of acts that the Criminal Code defines as criminal. -Since 1962, statistics
Canada has published the URC based on a standardized set of procedures for collecting and reporting crime information.

The Canadian URC have drawn heavily from a similar system in the US, but they have also improved on the US system.

-To indicate whether victims or others brought the incidents to official attention, and if not, why not; and to indicate their perceptions of and attitudes toward crime and criminal justice in Canada.

Victimization surveys cannot measure all crimes. They are dependent on the vagaries of human memory and are subject to the kinds of criticisms levelled against any surveys, including the fact that some people may not tell interviewers the truth.
What is the job of Crime and CJ Statistics: The Future? It reinforces the need for a national commitment and national strategies for collecting and sharing statistics. The importance of good statistics for planning, policy-making, and the administration has long been recognized within The Criminal Justice System.

Developing Canada’s national statistics will take continued effort and commitment from all the actors in the system. The CCJS has made great progress, and the statistics now available are much better than they were from years ago.


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