This report has been prepared based on my own work. Where other published and unpublished source materials have been used, these have been acknowledged.

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Word count:

Student Name:

Noura Abubaker Bashammakh

Date of Submission: 17 may 2018


Table of content

Declaration 2
Executive Summary 4
Acknowledgment 5
Chapter 1: Company background: 6
Company information: 6
History of the company: 6
Chapter 2 : Assignments and wok history: 7
Programs I worked with their duties: 7
Imports and exports program: 7
Material management system: 7
Administrative and financial affairs server: 7
General work: 8
Decisions asked to make, or helped to make: 8
Level of responsibility: 8
Chapter 3: Technical parts and results 10
Exports and Imports program: 10
Material management system: 12
“administrative and finance server”: 16
General work: 22
Competencies and skills acquired on the job: 26
Problems encountered in assigned job: 26
Chapter 4: Analysis of coop experience 27
Knowledge/Skills gained 27
Limitation 28
Chapter 5: Conclusion 30
Recommendation 30
Appendices 31
Appendix A: Final Evaluation from Supervisors 31
Appendix B: Contact Details of Supervisors 31
References 32

Executive Summary

This report represents what I have been doing in the past four months of my coop training. At King Fahad hospital of the university particularly in finance department and private health center the follower of the hospital. The duties I done in the finance department mostly on some systems they use “import and export program and material management system”. Which contain the contracts they received from the purchasing department, Arqab system and the referral “disbursements”. the other one contains all the contracts they received then connected with their budget of the year. Also, they have a sharing server we use. In other hand, in the business center all my work was on the invoices audit it and make sure that it’s done perfectly. Surly, after this period I gained more experience in my measure as an accountant and generally more skills. This internship helped me to reflect what I studied in college to use in the real work field. In the coming pages, will explains more about my coop experience, the duties I have been doing and what the benefit I gained. Also, some problems which I faced during my coop with the recommendation that I have.


I am grateful to my college “college of business administration” for successfully arranging the internship program for us. I also thank King Fahad hospital for recruit me as an intern and creating such a great environment for learning soft and hard skills.

I express my sincere gratitude to my supervisors Mr.Adel Al-Khameys the director of the finance department and Mrs.Amani abuabdullah supervisor of the private health center. To encourage me to do my best and provide me with the opportunity to prove myself. Also, I will not forget the effort they make to employ me.

A great thanks to my guide Ms.Alhanof Al-Mubarak for her valuable time answering my questions and guidance in carrying out this project work.

I want to thank the dean of the college Dr. Khalid Al Falah and vice dean Dr. Afaf Al-Salem for providing the opportunity for us to gain more experience through this coop course.

Last but not the least I appreciate the colleges I worked with in my entire training for their kind and support. And, thankful for all the people from the university and hospitals in both department who contributed in helping me through my coop experience.

Chapter 1: Company background:

King Fahad hospital of the university at Al-Khobar, I done my internship in finance department and in the private services center. I choose this place because it’s a governmental hospital which helped me in take more knowledge about their finance and what they do since it’s different than other private places. There is another intern which we worked together as a team, from Yanbu University accounting measure.

Company information:

king Fahad hospital of the university a follower of Imam Abdulrahman bin faisal university. It’s contain almost 12 departments, it’s a big hospital depending on the number of beds they have and employees. My coop training was in the finance department and the private health center. Their work depending on papers work and computers with their specially systems and programs “which will include a screen shot for it later in this report”
address: Shura Street, Al Aqrabiyah, Al Khobar 34445
013 896 6666
contact them:
I’m graduating from Imam Abdulrahman bin faisal University, college of business administration 2018.

History of the company:

King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU), of the College of Medicine & College of Applied Medical Sciences of the University of Dammam was built by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under the “FIVE HOSPITALS PROJECT”. It was later transferred to the King Faisal University under the name “Al Khobar Teaching Hospital” which was changed to “King Fahd Hospital of the University”
Given its long history which the hospital is building on, KFHU has kept up with the ever-growing demand to serve the community with its expanding population and to teach students according to international standards.
When it comes to providing world-class medical care, KFHU strives to be the best in the field by meeting the highest standards set forth by the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA), which is responsible for setting, monitoring and maintaining standards of excellence in the Healthcare Industry.
Through the years the management of KFHU is committed in providing exceptional care in all walks of life. The administration organized a team to establish the Private Health Center which was commissioned in July 2016 with 25 beds and staffed with qualified and well-trained health care professionals.
Vision: To be a leading hospital in healthcare provision, education and scientific research according to international standard.
Mission: To provide high quality care, education and training for healthcare professional and support scientific research.
Values: Honesty, Mutual Respect, Team Work, Transparency, Responsibility, Commitment.

Chapter 2 : Assignments and wok history:

Starting my coop training at finance department in king Fahad hospital then after two month I moved to the private health center the follower of the hospital. Furthermore, undertaking the accounting and auditing procedures in addition to the staff salaries, expenses and the financial dues of the individuals, companies and private institutions with financial transactions with (KFHU) are the main responsibilities and roles during the training period. Furthermore, dealing with transaction that are provided on the business (special / private) center at a suitable remuneration is considered. also, the invoices are the main role in training at the private health center. This includes the following tasks/ assignments:

Programs I worked with their duties:
Imports and exports program:
• importing the purchasing contract after quotations from the purchasing department to financing department using “import and export” program and record it in the system.
• recording flight ticket expenses for hospital’s staff by “Arqab government order system” and taking copy after sign it.
• Registering the incoming referral “disbursements” from the financial department regarding the ready to be issued transaction using (import and export program) then after complete the referral, do a schedule using excel, then print two copies one for the finance department and the other send it to planning and budget at the university.
Disbursements: the act of paying out money especially from a fund. For example, retirement disbursements.
• Also, registering the marches from the finance department using “import and export program” and after that the number applied on the system I take and make new excel sheet for this marches then print it and send it to planning and budget in envelope.

Material management system:
• Record the contracts data into the annual budget using “material management system” and it has two ways depending on the kind of the supplies in the contract we need.
• Dealing with the financial program for the four-budget section (the contract for the medications suppliers, for office equipment, maintenance or for spare parts) using “material management system” and every kind of contracts have different steps and codes.
• Also, it has a need step if the payment for several times, we need to change the year to the year for the contract.

Administrative and financial affairs server:
A sharing server between the employees in the finance department.
• Registering the incoming transaction in the “administrative and financial affairs” putting the (name of the company, payment order) and preparing payment justification and document.
• Prepare credential and exchange document, then register the exchange approval order.
• Last thing send it to the auditor.

General work:
• checking transactions invoices and sorting the transaction on Excel for the payment by hours.
• providing pre-paid coupons for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the staff in every hospital sections.
• Prepare the final account document for the business center, which include their budget, staff salaries “doctors, nurses, who working in the administration”, their expenses and the percentage they gave to the hospital and the ministry.
• Calculate the employee’s entitlements for the doctors working in the business center.
• Reviewing, verifying and checking the companies’ identification documents and contacting the concerned company in case there was missing or expired document.
• Calculating the delay for every one day 1% until 6%. also, seizing (cutting) 5% for any missed or expired document until they complete it we give it back.
• Numbering the invoice and separates them into (In patients, out patients).
• Doing the claims for hospital’s private center on excel sheets.
• Correcting the invoices if it has (wrong info, missed service, the amount is wrong).
• Matching the invoices in the billing system with the one done manually.
• Calculate the revenues for every insurance company the business center working with.
• Do the invoices tracking list in excel sheet for a couple of months.

Decisions asked to make, or helped to make:
In the finance department, checking every contract if there is a missing of their formal papers, contact them to complete it or lock 5% of their payment. Also, if the company contracted with didn’t deliver the supplies as what agreed in the contract, count 1% of every week delay until it 6%. Moreover, in the private health center There are no decisions I could do, but I helped in making their coordinators re-do their works on the invoices, after checking and writing some comments if there is any mistakes in them.

Level of responsibility:
They depend on me in some of the work to do. As I explained before import the purchasing orders from purchasing department using “import and export program” then make two copies, one for our department and the other signed by who the responsible for the contract and send it to purchasing department. Also, daily I do the ticket expenses, weakly the pre-paid coupons. Lastly, they trust in my work and give me a little responsibility. They don’t need to revise my work anymore.

During the training period, I gained a lot of knowledge which includes: experiencing the nature of work of both the hospital’s business center and finance department, knowing the budget section and each section code ; items, dealing with the claims knowing the transaction type, each type’s required document and having the ability to prepare the patient invoices. Also, computer & typing skills, attention to details skills, communication skills, work under pressure and adaptability skills were improved.
Furthermore, the problem that was faced while training in KFHU’s business center was the huge reliance on manual billing which effect the business center negatively and to solve this problem and efficient automated billing system was proposed.

Chapter 3: Technical parts and results

Exports and Imports program:

the first page of the program

Figure 2. import and export program 1

Figure 4. excel sheet for disbursement

Material management system:
There’s four types of contract to enter it into the system. If the contract for supplying medicine and medical equipment the step is:

In other hand if the contract for maintenance or preparing parts:

a- Contracts and vendor purchase orders

Figure 9. material management system1

b- Clauses appropriation (appropriations data)

Figure 10. material management system2

In b only the Appropriation (contract) will be written and all the information previously added in a regarding the company name, SR value ..etc. will automatically appear

? Appropriation payments

• Invoices

? Payment justification and documents.

After approving the transaction
before we enter the information in this system
“administrative and finance server”:

• Registering the incoming transactions in “the Administrative and Financial Affairs” and preparing the payment justification and documents.
a- Payement confirmation orders subscription

Figure 15. administrative and finance server1

Statement that includes : service /good requested from the company , delivery invoice # with the date , and invoice #

b-payment confirmation orders registrations

Figure 16. administrative and finance server2
c-payment justification and documents.
Figure 17. picture of printed paper from administrative and finance server1
• Calculating the delay penalty for the records of receipt taking into account the delay period and seizing 5% for any missing or incomplete document and then process to registering in “the Administrative and Financial Affairs “.

? Seizing 5% missing or incomplete document (zakat, insurance…etc.) .


payement confirmation orders subscription

Statement that includes : service /good requested from the company , delivery invoice # with the date , and invoice #

Figure 19. administrative and finance server4

payment justification and documents

Then printing the paper for the deposits
*this document is prepared when the hospital seize 5% from a contract due to the companies’ identification documents that are expired and then they submit them again with a formal letter.

General work:

Preparing the claims for the hospital’s private center in Excel for each month (bookkeeping) .

Figure 22. screen shot of excel “claims”

• Matching (checking) the invoices for the hospital’s private center.

• Comparing between the Word documents invoices with invoices that are approved by the CEO (administrative and finance director) and correcting or modifying any differences between them.

the word document invoice above was recorded without the contribution (discount) which was in the invoice approved by the CEO so the invoice was corrected by deducting 100

• Numbering the invoices for each month

Here the numbering is in sequence but because the invoices are classified in two folders which are inpatient ;outpatient after completing the numbering.

Also, Classify the hospital’s business center patient into outpatient and inpatient.

• Matching (checking) transactions’ invoices and sorting the transactions on Excel.

• Providing pre-paid coupons for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the staffs.

Figure 27. picture of the coupons needed for one department

Figure 28. the coupons for (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Number of pre-paid coupon for each meal: pink for dinner, yellow for lunch and white for breakfast.

Competencies and skills acquired on the job:

Computer skills , Microsoft office programs specially ( word and excel) ,attention to details, Confidentiality, time management, data entry management, and general Math Skills.

Problems encountered in assigned job:

I faced a problem while working, that everything in in Arabic the programs they used and the paper work and my whole study was in English, it takes time to understand even while I’m writing my monthly reports but I manage it. also, some programs have many steps to do which sometimes if I forget on step it all goes wrong and it needs to undo it then redo. Moreover, when there are some changes in the contracts it changes the way of recording it so, we need to know the kinds of contracts I’m working other hand, Numbering the invoice manually takes too much time, then sometimes they add more invoices for the same months after completing the numbering. Thus, the numbering will be repeated. Last thing, Classifying the patients into inpatients and outpatients was a problem as it not related to my measure “accounting” but I did it anyway.

Chapter 4: Analysis of coop experience

Knowledge/Skills gained
Training at King Fahd Hospital of the University’s private health center and finance department helps me in developing useful, real world skills and knowledge that can capitalize my strength in the marketplace. Throughout the training in KFHU’s private health center there have been many duties or problems upon which I have been improved and gained significant skills ; knowledge, that include the following:
Computer Skills:
As both the private health center and the finance department rely on using the computer and technology, the computer skills more developed. Knowing and dealing with Microsoft office software packages ( mostly Microsoft word and Excel ) helped me in easily working with it in both training locations. Also dealing with the finance department programs such as; “export and import System”, “Material Management System”, “the Administrative and Financial Affairs server” and “Arqab Government Order System” perfectly and easily helps in improving this skill .
Typing Skill:
As the training depends a lot on data entry, this skill I easily gained .Typing skill is important in the private health center and finance department because it helped in being more proactive and because of gaining this skill the time taken to complete the tasks is reduced.
Attention to Details Skills:
Overlooking details and making mistakes is a big problem in accounting ; finance field. The work in the private health center and finance department required to be careful and eliminate any sloppy errors in calculation, information and legal documents that may be costly. This skill was strongly developed as a result of checking the patient’s information recorded in the invoices such as the name , national card number, membership number for insurance company , dates (treatment date or issuing date), procedure (code, description , unit price and quantity ), and total bill amount or net total if there is a discount and also as a result of verifying the companies’ identification documents , the amounts recorded in the contract (amount of money and goods received ) and the date of delivery to check if there is any penalty .

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
By meeting new people in the work place, my communication skills improved. Also, being able to communicate effectively with the supervisor, staff and the other trainee in the hospital’s finance department and private health center has a good impact in increase the value of this skill. Furthermore, gaining the ability to work well in team still has an influence due to the cooperation between the staff in the business center and finance department and the trainees to solve the problem & complete the delayed work.
Working Under Pressure:
Staying calm, focusing on what to be accomplished and get help when needed shows that this skill was improved when handling the delayed work in business center (the delay problem is under control).
Moving from finance department to the hospital’s business (private) center was a little challenging. Gaining this skill by rotation to other place helped a lot because every challenge faced was considered as an opportunity to learn.
The knowledge gained include; experiencing the nature of work of both the hospital’s business center and finance department, knowing the budget section and each section code & items, dealing with the claims and understand what they mean (bookkeeping), knowing the transaction type, each type’s required document and procedure and having the ability to prepare the patient invoices.

The problems and limitations that have been faced during the training period and completing this project can be summarized in the following points:
? The ” material management system’ when that was used it’s crashed sometimes. Also, if any error was made in this system the steps needed to be deleted and recorded again.
? Dealing with the “finance program ” for the first time was a little bit confusing and difficult because each type of contract has its own items and steps.
? Numbering the invoices manually consume time and some invoices for the same month are added after completing the numbering of the month. As a result, the numbering process will be repeated.
? Classifying the patient into inpatient and outpatient was a problem as it is not related to the accounting major.
? Preparing the claims was confusing due to the amount of information needed to be recorded in them and if any mistake occur that will affect the final result for each insurance company.
? Lack of researches available that will support the contribution which will show either the importance of and automated & effective billing system or the disadvantages of an inefficient manual billing system in private or government hospitals.
? Due to the training, short period and the time required to implement a new efficient automated billing system the affectivity of the new system could not be tested or measured.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Knowing what the environmental difference in finance management for the governmental hospitals and how they do their work, increase my skills in working with accounting programs, and benefit from the former employee’s skills and experiences. As the time go I get more experience, I’m able to implement what I learned in the classroom to my internship, which is truly a rewarding, increase my skills in interacting with co-workers and client, working independently or in a team. In other hand, Training in business center let me gain new skills, there is others employees who desks are with me in the same office which helped in learning new experience from them, also, better communications skills. In the business center, you can be treated for a fee but they have faster appointment than in the governmental hospital. It’s a lot of works comparing to the previous months but it’s rewording when I see how much my work helped in finishing the job faster. Finally, I’m happy for what I done, and I will continue training in the same place after my coop finish and there is a job offer maybe I will considering it.

After finishing this project and training period it is recommended to :
As what I saw in the private health center and their system.
1- Implement and employ an efficient and effective automated billing system at the hospital’s business center, which is better than the existing manual billing.
2- Designing and programming an integrated system between the medical report system that contain the information for the inpatient, outpatients , reports , database treatments , illness status , and the billing system that contains the billing for the procedures will help the hospital, the staff , patients and the private health center to perform and provide the services more effectively.
3- Furthermore , training the staff to get accustomed on using the new system when the automated billing system or hospital management system is implanted.
4- The management in the business center also most assure their staff that using the automated billing system will not affect their occupational future or lower their salary and they will be able to see the importance of the new system in helping & supplementing their efforts.
5- The system implemented must be up to date.
6- As gathering information about the patient billing system was limited to few studies , it is recommended to conduct more researches and literature reviews on the benefits & results of replacing the manual billing system to an effective automated billing system in hospitals either in outside or inside Saudi Arabia .
7- Finally, ensure the security of patient information regarding diagnosis, medical report, invoices …etc. by providing an effective accessing authorization for the system users .


Appendix A: Final Evaluation from Supervisors
I have two supervisors who did the evaluation of my work, you can see it in the attachment.

Appendix B: Contact Details of Supervisors

Contact details
Finance director:
Mr. Adel Al-Khameys
Phone number:
[email protected]
Supervisor of private health center:
Mrs. Amani Abo Abdullah
[email protected]
Supervisor from the college:
Ms. Alhanouf Al-Mubarak
[email protected]
phone number:


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