Before doing the assignment “ leadership/management debate” , I had some differences thought about the term leadership and management. Personally, I have always thought that there were only few differences between those two terms. For me, I though the responsibility of management and leadership were quite similar since managers were people who commanded, planned, coordinated, forecasted a group of people and leaders are who will set the path goals as well as the solutions for an organization. In addition, I tended to think that manager and leadership had the same authority in the organization. In other words, both of them have the same position as well as power in theirs company. They can both replace each other and the organization will operate as normal without one of them. Furthermore, I also thought that leaders always gave pressured on his/her subordinate such as making them feel stress by delivering bad news.During doing this research, I there were some ideas that make me change my thoughts. For instance, in order to accomplish organization’s goal, a leader’s tasks is to direct and inspire his/her subordinates (Susan Ward, 2017). In addition, Kotter (2001, p.86) believes that there are differences between the term leadership and management but people think that those two terms are quite similar.After doing this research, I realized that there are more differences between those two terms and I personally have always thought wrongly about it. According to Peter Northouse (2010, p.10), the constancy and instruction is provided by management and the alteration come from the leadership. In other words, managers bring the order to the organization itself while the leaders are who provide change and movement. Indeed, having the similar opinion that management and leadership are similar to Peter Northouse, John Kotter (2001, p.86) believes that management is coping with complexity while leadership is about coping with change. In the real life, leaders’ mission is facing with the problem, finding solution and directing his/her inferiors such as manager and manager will undertake the solution and manage to implement it. Moreover, I recognized that leadership and manager do not have the similar authority since they have differences roles in an organization.Furthermore, besides those differences, I discovered that leadership and management had some similarities which are different compared to what I thoughts. According to Hester Nienaber (2010) , he believes that managers do most of the tasks such as anticipate the future and communicate direction, assume responsibility for the survival and growth of the business. In other words, management is leadership. Moreover, a manager needs to have leader’s skill in order to be effective. For instance, a manager must know how to influence people in order to reach the goal of the organization.Moreover, leadership and management are related and important in an organization. Without the leader, the organization may have an unclear resolutions or ideas in order to face the issues. Furthermore, unconstancy organization may happen without a manager. So that, to make it balance as well as achieve the common goals, an organization needs to have both in order to operate normally.


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