Dear Ms. Gathercole,

I am writing this letter in application for the position of form year council.

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Performing the role as a year form council would require someone who shows great commitment to the school and show confidence in being one of the major representatives of the school. Despite being new to JC, for the past week I have raised my awareness of the strong community the school has. As I continue on my journey at JC, I strongly want to be able to have both the privilege and responsibility to make contributions to the school, which would be beneficial for both myself, but also to my fellow classmates.

I believe that my ability to work as a leader and a part of a team is a key skill that I feel I can bring to the role as a year council. My previous achievements as:
• Class president (year 4, year 8(equiv. to year 9 @British curriculum))
• Member of school debate team (Daewon international middle school, south Korea)
• member of the South Korean national team(U14) of the odyssey of the mind [email protected] Michigan university
• member of school scouts (Tenby international school Malaysia)
• Winning team of Lego Ev3 robotics competition 2014 (league of extraordinary robots, Malaysia)
at my previous schools has developed various skills which would be essential for being a form representative. I have built up my communication skills through debating, which helped me a lot on the ability to speak to large groups of people at a time and being able to communicate effectively with others through my ability to speak confidently in public and discussing issues and concerns with all sections of school community. Even though my communication skills are not perfect; I believe that an opportunity to become a part of the school council would further improve some of my weaker areas.
At times when we struggled to navigate towards our final destination on the island of Borneo during the school scout camp of Tenby International school, Malaysia. It was important for both me and our group to work together and use our skills to lead a team in order to achieve our goal. It was an amazing experience for me and I believe that that trip informed me of what it is like to be one of the leaders to lead a group through difficulties outside of school. It was then followed by 2 competitions: odyssey of the mind 2017 and the Lego Ev3 robotics competition 2014, which was an even tougher experience for me. However, this further improved my cooperation skills with my peers and leading us to a victory on one of the competitions. I had another experience where I have shown progressive leadership skills at school was when I used to be the class president both at My elementary school and Daewon international middle school at South Korea. Within the group, I used to organize meetings for the class, occasionally school assembly planning and attending in regular meetings between the school representatives. I believe my works throughout my previous school years presents me with my skill to interact with my peer groups, and also keeping my responsibility as a class president. Thus, I wish to be given a chance to use my communication, cooperation and leadership skills in order to see what I can achieve as a class representative, enhancing my weaker areas and hopefully, becoming the reliable voice of my form.
Being part of the year council would undoubtedly be a challenging and demanding role, considering the many inputs and opinions of my peers that have to be taken into account; however for myself I believe that it is a role that I feel I could meet successfully and give a worthwhile contribution to both my form and the whole school.

I have shown great willingness in the past in wanting to offer my service to the school in whatever needs doing with my peers, the ability to work within a team and as a competent leader of the form. For these reasons, I believe that I am greatly suited to the role as Senior Prefect and it as an excellent opportunity to further show my commitment throughout my remaining years at Jumeirah college.


I'm James!

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