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We all know that our current society is very reliant on technology. This is why the rate of students participating in online schooling has increased. Although many might feel that online schooling is a great idea, there are a number of negative and disliking effects to online schooling. A major problem in regards to online schooling is that students cannot socialize face to face. Another problem is, students do not have the discipline to self regulate themselves. Along with that, online schooling can cause health issues. Therefore, I believe that online schooling should not be available to anyone.

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To begin, technology and its use in online schooling is one of the current causes of antisocial behaviour in students. Because online schooling is usually completed at home, students can not actually meet their peers face to face. As a result, when students don’t socialize, they won’t be able to cooperate with others or know how to work together. When you go to general schools, students are taught how to work in a team and collaborate with each other. As we all should be able to do as a basic skill. When these students are in real jobs or are applying for one, teamwork will always be a main skill that employers look for in their employees. Not to mention, research also says that limited face to face contact can double the risk of having depression. This clearly shows that online schooling students are likely to have a hard time making friends and cooperating. To continue, online schooling is usually done at home. This means that students should manage their time to complete their work independently, whereas at school, it is the teacher who start and ends topics or subjects. The teachers are also aware when the students are ready to move on, and prepare what needs to be covered in the curriculum. Often, when students are working independently at home they lack the discipline to self regulate themselves. They have no one to ask for help or get support. This often leads to procrastination. Procrastination develops when the student purposely tries to delay completing tasks or finds other things to do delaying the school work or projects. Without support, students fall behind and cannot be monitored by teachers or other support staff. This repeating behavior often causes low self esteem and lack of confidence that young people need to become successful in the working world. Pursuing this further, research states that students who procrastinate in online schooling will not do well in general school. Students have failed so often online that they invented online excuses for their failure. Lastly, when students are at home on a computer all day, it can cause a variety of unhealthy effects on the body. When the body is not being physically active, it starts to slows down. This could lead to weaker bones, poorer blood circulation and strokes. Not only that, but since the students are on the computer all day looking at a screen, this could lead to very poor eyesight. It would not be difficult to learn at a general school where there are a variety of subjects that prevent students from using technology as much. For example: teachers use chalkboards and whiteboards to teach lectures in class. Schools also have physical education to keep the students active twice a week and music classes where students can learns different types of instruments that can help students be more well rounded. As you can see, online schooling can cause a variety of health effects which can prevent students from developing to their full potential.

In conclusion, though many students still believe that online schooling can be beneficial for them, what they do not know is that every year 90% of online schooling students fail. This causes major dilemmas to students and their families, including students becoming anti socialize, not self regulating themselves and developing health issues. Therefore online schooling is more damaging than helpful.

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