Video games and


Attention! Did you
hear that? Do you know that video games do not always provide great pass-time
activities for kids? Did you know that there is an effect of violence by
internet games? Let’s fall into video games and violence!

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First, people need
to know about the possessions of Internet video games on the anger of
individuals playing Internet game production. People think video games are good
for spending time for kids but it is not. Video games are so addictive that
they can spend time playing games when they are out of control. This can be
valuable or bad for your children in lifetime. For instance, kids who learn to
play poker at young age usually have a high level of intelligence. However, it
does not apply to vicious video games. “Gentile & Anderson says that
playing violent video games can increase hostile performance for the reason
that violent behavior stays to be repeated throughout the internet game. This
iterative way has long been measured an operative training method for
reinforcing learning patterns.” (2014). The whole thing is easy to addict
when repeated.  


Secondly, Violent
video games have as many effects as the number of games. One common effect by
all of them is obsession. This is going to be terrible because it may not be fruitful
at home anytime. In other words, he may not study at home or do homework /
assignment. Thus, his presentation at school will absolutely get worse. In
addition, a child can sacrifice his or her talent by joining a music class for
the resolution of playing violent games. In addition, another negative consequence
of video games is that teens devote too much time playing games than playing
outdoors. “Video games are making youngsters communally isolated. Youth who
play too several video games are less addicted to optional activities such as
reading, writing, and sports contribution.” (2017). And they will soon have trouble
in social life.  


Thirdly, another effects
on parents by games which kids’ behavior will be offensive what they play.
Several studies have been researched to show the relationship among these games
and violent actions of children. For example, “We have started a steady connection
with the use of violent video games and augmented destructive behavior,
increased antagonistic cognition and violent behavior, reduced pro-communal
behavior, emotional accessory to the outbreak and reduced exposure.”
(2015). Violence in contrast to video games is in killing on grit.

There are also annotations
on these games and their companies where children who act naturally violently wish
to play this kind of game to others. This observation reduces the likelihood
that violent games will lead to violent behavior by children. When
interviewing, some children who play this type of game say they do not harmfully
disturb the game. This is definitely supported by peaceful action. It has also
been detected that viciousness on TV, such as in action movies and broadcast,
is more prospective to lead to child violence since it is a violent game. But,
keep in mind that children are likely to experience physiological effects when
playing violent games. This consequence increases similarly heart rate and
brain movement.  


In conclusion,
when numerous people think of internet games, they think of them as social
stupidity. Systematically, that disagreement is not often notice up. Many
studies show that games can have an encouraging effect on the health of adult
athletes. But for kids, the results are mixed. So, what is the real story about
video games? Are they good or bad? A recent study by the Murdoch Childrens
Research Institute in Melbourne suggests that children’s use of TV and video
games can cause emotional and behavioral problems between the ages of 8 and 9.
The use of video games between boys was connected with greater conduct and
emotional problems. A boy playing a regular of 2 hours per day per week is at
2.6-times greater odds of having conduct and emotional problems. (2017). It is
not bad that young kids play video games. But, people need to know that if kids
play games only, it will not take a good effect for growing kids up well.


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