The Age of Elizabeth

was a history where it was called as The Golden Age. The Golden Age era was
ruled by a queen named Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7,
1533, at Greenwich Palace. Her father was King Henry VII and her mother was
King Henry’s second wife Anne Boleyn. During her reign, she was known as a wise
queen, because she always relied on her advisors that were led by William Cecil
and Baron Burghley.

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the time Queen Elizabeth began her throne, she was twenty-five years old. She
also was known as the Virgin Queen because of her refusal to marry. The reason
why this age was called as the Golden Age was that she could finally inspire people
in England with unlimited patriotism and this age also marked by the numerous
settlement of problems, such as religion, peace with Scotland, the harmony of
the national government, and so on.

Golden Age era seemed to reach its end when Queen Elizabeth descend the throne
in 1603 at the age of seventy. The Elizabethan era had brought so many famous
writers, one of which was William Shakespeare. Through his marvelous works,
William became her special guest. This age showed the flourishing of drama
through the works of Shakespeare. For the record, William Shakespeare had contributed
many works for this era. The details of him will be continued below.

here will be explaining about the most prominent writer during the Elizabethan
era whose name was William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was born in
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, April 26, 1564. His name was widely
known through all the works he had to contribute. His works had also been
noticed by Queen Elizabeth and eventually, they became friends with each other.
When he was young at the age of eighteenth, he married Anne Hathaway who was
older than him. From the marriage, they had three children named Susanna,
Hamnet, and Judith. William first career began in as an author between 1585
until 1613. And in the early 1590s, William was in London and worked as a
member of a traveling show. William was successful enough to become an actor
but later turned the profession into a scriptwriter and poetry. In 1598,
William had been hailed as the greatest writer in England. He lived in London
for about 20 years. During the time, he had produced 36 plays, 154 sonnets, and
some longer poems. In 1597, he was able to buy a house in Stratford. Through
the result of his works that Shakespeare could finance his family life and
could become a good friend of Queen Elizabeth. So, that was the journey of
Shakespeare’s life during his successful years with all his works he had

the next part is the downfall of Shakespeare’s life. This happened when
Shakespeare finally reached the age of forty-six, he began to think about his
retirement from the entertainment world as a writer. Around the year of 1610,
he left London to Stratford and stayed with his family at a house that he had
bought in 1597. And then, William Shakespeare died at the age of fifty-two
years. The cause of his death was unknown, but some people said that he might
already suffer illnesses months before his death. Later on, the burial of the
prominent writer was placed in Holy Trinity Church. Several years after his
death, various monuments and statues were made to reminisce and honored the
life of him. So, the conclusion is, William Shakespeare was one of the most
notable writers of the Elizabethan era. He made a living by making famous works
and was able to be a special guest of Queen Elizabeth.

William Shakespeare is gone, the result of his works is still in great demand
by many. Following are best five of Shakespeare’s works, those are:

The first one
is, Romeo and Juliet. This work is must be widely known by people because it is
often staged as entertainment in the community. This is a tragedy work of
Shakespeare that was written during his first career. The story is about a
couple of brides who fell in love but are stymied by their families. The end of
the story shows that they both died tragically.

The second of
is, Macbeth. So, Macbeth story comes from a Scottish nobleman named Macbeth and
a man whose role as a murderer. The description character of Macbeth is a man
that has an inner conflict and is ego-controlled so as to make him do various
untrue acts. The story emphasizes the evidence of the existence of the dangers
behind the status of one’s greatness.

The third one
is, Hamlet. So, Hamlet wrote a story about the mysterious death of a king. The
story begins with the death of Hamlet’s father, a Danish king causing his uncle
Claudius to ascend the throne and marry Hamlet’s mother. Some of Hamlet’s
friends claim to see Hamlet’s father’s ghost saying that the hamlet avenged his
death for being killed by Claudius. Claudius had sent Hamlet to England but
Hamlet returned to Denmark and accidentally attended the funeral of Ophelia.
Laertes who see Hamlet want to take revenge. Finally, Hamlet, Claudius, and
Laertes died at the duel.

The fourth one
is, King Lear.  Shakespeare’s work on
this one is also still about the kingdom and power. The play tells the story of
a king who surrendered his throne, daughters who deceived his father, a father
who broke with his beloved daughter, a wife who planned against her husband,
brother against brother, a sister who pursues jealousy until her death. King
Lear presents a pathetic family circumstance, the deepest wound can be
inflicted through the hands of the most beloved.

The fifth and
this is the end of the five best works of Shakespeare that is Othello. Othello
tells of a Moor (North Africa) who served as a general in the Italian state.
Othello has a wife named Desdemona. A soldier named Iago jealous of Othello, he
then said that Desdemona had an affair with Cassio, a lieutenant. In the end,
Othello was incited by Iago and strangled Desdemona in bed. However, the truth
is always revealed. Although Othello finally finds out that Desdemona is
innocent, his regrets are unstoppable. Then he stabbed himself to death.

those five are the best masterpieces of Shakespeare that had been contributed during
the Elizabethan era. The last thing is, the influence of Shakespeare’s historical
background at the time was drama experienced its peak of success so that it was
in great demand by the public. Shakespeare’s works at the time were about love,
beauty, politics, and death. That’s the end of the story of the Golden Age and
even after decades, their names are still honored by people all around the
world. And I will put an end to this essay with a sentence “people may have
gone forever, but the result of their works during life have made them
remembered by those who really admire them.”


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