Corporate/Business sector – Larger businesses use more social media than smaller businesses as they have a larger audience to connect with. They also would have a larger team and a budget therefore would have a bigger range of options one to them.
They would have marketing tools such as email marketing, mobile apps and inbound marketing available to them. Corporate sector businesses may be able to remove negativity by upping the good reactions by bringing out new products, putting favourite products on sale they can bring back any likes they may have lost.

Public Sector – Public sector businesses do have social media available for them to use but not as large a range as the business sector as they wouldn’t have the budget to film large adverts or get professional photographers, they would have to most of the work themselves.
Smaller companies would also have email marketing and inbound marketing available, but maybe not mobile apps. If however an employee starts bad-mouthing their job, or a customer moans about the website on Facebook or Twitter, it will create negativity that could rub off onto the other customers, lowering likes and follows, creating a bad image for the company.

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Voluntary Sector – As the voluntary sector would have hardly any budget to work with, they would be unable to have as many videos as the public and corporate sector. They will still be able to use Facebook and Twitter but it may not be as popular as the paid companies.
Voluntary business don’t really have room for mistake or negativity as they cannot afford to lower anything with their companies as they have a low budget, but as they are normally very small companies, it is rare that there is much negativity.


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