offers many opportunities for global food exporters looking to enter a large
and profitable market. However, the country’s food import process can be very
hard to navigate for first time exporters, due to its fragmented and localized
system. Through the report, various legal issues that needed to be concerned
have provided for IBL Sdn. Bhd. in order to be succeed in China. The process of
exporting meat into China is complicated and time consuming when compared with
the others countries, referring to the legal issues outlined and measures
recommended above can make the process smoother and more effective.

the stage of pre-exporting, the documents and licenses required can determine
the effectiveness of following exportation steps which provide the right to
sell in China for IBL Sdn. Bhd. Other than that, the safety and hygiene issues
are the major concern of  authorities in
food products trading. The general and specific rules on labeling and product
processing are gaining more and more attention as many food safety problems
have arisen and caused illnesses in China over past few years. In particular,
the food safety issues will create threat to consumers and also risk IBL Sdn.
Bhd. for potential legal proceedings.

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in the midst of exportation, the employment related laws and regulations
required highly attention from IBL Sdn. Bhd. as the company will need to
collaborate with local workforce. In addition, the partnership with local
distributors is also an essential step for the company, by carrying out
effective agreements to avoid legal risks in the future. The laws and
regulations regard marketing and advertising is the key element determining the
sustainability of IBL Sdn. Bhd. In China.

overall, IBL Sdn. Bhd. should comply with the regulations throughout the
exportation process to ensure the company’s success in one of the world’s largest
consumer markets. 


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