Polytechnics  first emerged in  New  Zealand  between  1970 and 1980. The National Advisory  Committee  on  Computing  Qualifications (NACCQ) was the  professional body  which provided  the central support for technical  institutes  and polytechnics  in New  Zealand offering  ICT programmes.  The NACCQ was founded  in  1988 as  a result  of  a  review  of the national  qualification  of data processing  and  information technology  and was  responsible for  developing  and  maintaining  a family  of  national computing qualifications  in  New  Zealand,  ranging from  level  3 to  level 7  which  also integrated with  the university  sector. Following  the review of  the NACCQ  in  2010, the body  which was named  as ‘Computing  and Information  Technology  Research and Education  in New Zealand’ which is  abbreviated  as  CITRENZ was formed. Developing  and  maintaining CITRENZ certificates, diplomas  and degrees are among the  many  tasks performed  through this body.  It  contributes to  the  maintenance of  the relevance of  developed  courses to  meet the  changing requirements of New  Zealand’s computer and  information technology  industry,  by  suggesting  timely  changes  to course  prescriptions  in  response to  industry  developments. CITRENZ also  staircases with the  secondary  schools by  offering several level  5 courses which  offer cross credits  towards the Diploma  in  Information  and Communication  Technology courses.   It  also liaises  with the New  Zealand  Qualification Authority  (NZQA) and other  relevant national  bodies  such as  New Zealand Computer Society  (NZCS)  over national  issues  relating  to these  courses such  as  course  approval,  accreditation, moderation, assessment, professional  registration and  the like.   


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