An information system takes all four components
to operate properly and efficiently. By considering each component when
creating an information system, organizations can achieve higher efficiency,
better effectiveness, and improved coordination. An organization that has a
payroll system for employees must consider the people using the system and the
end product. It needs to ensure everyone is paid on time and properly. The data
must be carefully reviewed and input correctly to ensure the process produces
proper, efficient payment. The equipment must be able to handle the data and
process it without mistakes. All of the components must be taken into
consideration when creating an information system.

process component of an information system is the operating instructions of an
information system. It is the way the software translates data or the
instructions for an end user to use the information system properly. The
process is the instructions to properly capture, translate, and disseminate
information to the users.

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Data is input to systems
for processing and to produce an information product. Data resources must be
managed effectively to benefit the end user. 
It is the numbers, letters, characters, audio, or images that are
processed to have an effective product produced by an organization. It is
important to note that data is a raw material that must be processed in order
to have a finished information system.

equipment used for an information system is the hardware and software. Most
information systems today are computer driven and have software that runs the
applications to process the data input. This is the tangible component of an
information system. Like stated before, the equipment may be, as ancient as it
is, a pencil or pen. In today’s society, however, we tend to associate
equipment with hard drives, computers, cell phones, or cameras.

are a required component of an information system. They are composed of end
users and specialist that are involved in creating or maintaining the
information system. The end users are people who use the information produced
by the system. Most people that use information systems are end users and are
not involved in the planning or creating of a system. These people are
employees, customers, or sellers involved with an organizations information
system. Information specialists are people that develop, operate, and maintain
information systems. Large information computer systems are used by trained
specialist because of the complexity of the system. Many specialists are end
users because the product of the system is used by them, as well.

information system is a system that takes data resources as inputs and
translates them into information as outputs. There are four components that
make up an information system: people, data, equipment, and process. An
information system relies on the resources of people, the equipment, and the
data to process it to an information product. As technology is the most
prevalent adaptation of information systems today, computers and modern
technology are not needed components of an information system. A person (the
people) can collect pertinent information (the data) and write it down (the
process) on a piece of paper (the equipment); this is a type of information


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