Complaint measures are vital for Nestle in order to identify the actions that business has taken against customer complaints and problems. All the types of complaints should be properly recorded in the database management so that the company can reflect their concern about customer problems. In the present organization, suitable complaint procedure has been determined which is required to maintain in all sorts of issues (Dodd’s, 2003). Complaint processes plays key role in determining the areas where improvement and changes are needed to be done in the company and this is also necessary strategies can be further developed for quality improvement. There should be proper management of compliant process so that all the complaints can be recorded along with the solutions provided. This is indeed beneficial for Nestle since it contributes in managing customer base and profitability of business.
With the help of complaint processes, Nestle can identify the areas where suitable changes should be taken place. Complaint procedures are essential so that Nestle can identify business’s capability and abilities towards delivery of service provision. Customer advice is required to collect as their response counts in business processes. This is valuable in terms of facilitating appropriate changes in the service provisions and as a result, customer satisfaction can be encouraged. Complains can be used as a source to improve quality aspects as through that several changes can be made to existing processes of the organization. With the help of such processes, the company can identify how much changes they have yet made in service requirements. This is useful in terms of increasing customer satisfaction and at the same time it could assist the company to get monetary benefits. This also gives an idea to the customer regarding their importance in company’s processes.


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