competitive dynamics in business refer to the ongoing actions and responses taking place between all firms competing within a market for advantageous positions (Rehail, 2015). The strategies used to manage the competitive dynamics models are new competitive action, threat analysis, motivation and capability to respond, likelihood of competition. To achieve balance of power within the industry, a strong leadership must be in place to use governance structures and systems to balance the innovation, vision required to set goals and prioritize investment with discipline needed to perform and provide result. (e.g. case); Amazon is an online retailer and the largest e-commerce company by revenue in United States, as at 2017.They operates in three segments, media, electronics and other merchandise. Their biggest competitors are:
In media segment, Amazon compete with auction site eBay (EBAY); media game changer Netflix (NFLX); Apple (AAPL)with iTunes and Google (GOOG) with its play stores. Amazon have several competitors in electronics and general merchandise segments. (Segal, 2018). To determine the future competitors, the goal of business according to porter was to beat competition, but on the contrary, disruptive innovation has added extra position as organizations realized that the future competitors might not be the same as current competitors. Although, partnership co-exist with competition but today, IBM does not have to worry about competing with Amazon or Boeing, it must decide on how to participate in Amazon’s network system to keep up with technology.


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