Michaela Thompson COMM 150-24 Homework #1 Page 1 January 30, 2017 It’s important to study human communication because we communicate every single day. Communication focuses on trading messages and words together in order to come up with a meaning. However communication often goes wrong and this are misunderstood, because of this we must have an in-depth knowledge of how communication works so we are able to use are critical thinking skills to learn from and improve on past communication experiences. There are advantages that come with a good understanding of communication which include being able to communicate with new people, establish yourself to others, and can open doors to new career opportunities. There are seven primary components of communication. The first is message creation which is coming up with how to verbally or nonverbally convey what you are trying to say. Often times we use symbols to help with this. The next component is meaning creation which is the idea that messages contain meaning either content or relationship meaning. Communication allows shared meanings to shape various aspects of our lives like societies, communities, and families. The third component is Setting, which is the physical place around us in which communication takes place and it can have a major effect on the ways we are able to communicate. The following component is Participants which is the person or people we are communicating with. The type of relationship we have or the history we have with the participants can greatly affect the way things are communicated. Next component is channels which is the way in which the message is conveyed, this can be a variety of ways such as face to face, phone call, or text message. The sixth component is noise which is stimulus that can interfere and affect the quality of the message. Noise can be external or internal. Finally, feedback which is the response to the message. Feedback allows us to tell the sender that we have gotten their message and the way in which we would like to respond. The Synergetic Model of Communication differs from previous models because it states that the two or more people communication are creating meaning by responding to one another and the environment around them. It also takes into consideration other factors such as the role of the individuals, societal influences such as background and political affiliation, the people’s culture, and finally the synergetic model of communication considers context as a factor. My own communication ethic would be to never lie about things that are of extreme importance, small lies that are done to make someone feel better or to keep a birthday party a surprise for example are okay though because they cause no harm. It is okay to withhold personal information or information that someone told you in secrecy. But withholding valuable information that could be valuable to someone else is wrong. I believe more in relativism which is that my ethical standards change given the situation I am in. For example withholding information if you are being testified in court and not telling one friend another friend’s secret are very different. What makes a communicator competent is that he/she is able to appropriately communicate with others meaning they follow social norms, and the general appropriateness of various relationship and surroundings. The other component that makes a competent communicator is the ability to effectively get their point across. If they have a goal when entering a conversation or line of communication and they are able to achieve the goal, then they are competent. Works Cited:Alberts, Jess K., Thomas K. Nakayama and Judith N. Martin. Human Communication in Society. 4th edition. Boston: Pearson, 2016. Print.


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