Common fundamental rights that safeguard the rights of each individual for being humans are human rights. Human rights are universal in the sense that all human beings regardless of sex, class, gender, religion and nationality possess and deserve a set of inalienable rights. What common rights do human beings attain for being humans is a great topic for debate and discussion. All human beings have the common and basic right to ‘live’. However, this fundamental right is often violated basically during the time of violence or wars. We believe that right to food, water, shelter and education are essential human rights which need to be safeguarded for the existence of a truly universal moral community.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be taken as a milestone document in human rights sectors. It was drafted after World war II in United General Assembly in Paris. The UDHR consists of a Preamble and 30 articles which separately identify conspicuous things like; right not to be tortured (article 5), a right to nationality (article 15), a right to own property (article 17), and a right to freedom of opinion and expression (article 19) as some fundamental human rights. This agreement attempts to set out a common and basic moralities at a global level about the fundamental rights and freedoms shared by all human beings. Human rights convention protects us in many areas of our life.


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