Colleen Kalan
August 30, 2018
AMM 1600.02
Week 2 Review Questions
1. Briefly explain how the term “Fair Trade” is used.

The term “Fair Trade” is used when a product has been produced without the use of labor and is better for the environment. The producers collect fair prices of their product. “Fair Trade” is also used in small businesses in growing countries, which the small businesses sell to bigger companies in an industrialized country.
2. Diagram or describe the product pipeline as it applies to the textile industry.

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The product pipeline applies for consumer textiles, from fiber production to final customer. The product pipeline goes from fiber, spinner, knitter or weave, dyer, finisher, end use manufacturer, retail store to lastly the consumer. Each step of the pipeline varies on and connects to every other stage in the product pipeline.
3. Discuss the importance of the interrelationships of textile components (or segments)
The properties of fibers and interrelationships of textile components, such as yarn, fabric, coloration, and finish are extremely important to creating clothing and furnishings. Without those components there would be know beautiful and functional clothing and furnishings.
4. How can a good knowledge of textiles be of value to the textile product manufacture; the retail store; the consumer.

The textile product manufacture: good knowledge of textiles is of value to textile product manufacture, because the manufacturer needs to know the foundation of textile components and how to use the machinery in order to produce good products.

The retail store: good knowledge of textiles is of value, because retail stores buy from manufacturers. They need to understand what product type they are buying. Also it is good to know product knowledge in order to explain to consumers what they are buying.
The consumer: good knowledge of textiles is of value, because the consumer is buying from the retail store and like to understand the quality of the product they are purchasing from the store. It is good to know the value of textiles, because the consumer can tell the difference of what they are buying for example, if the product is eco friendly or if the product aligns with the consumer’s beliefs.
5. Over the past two decades there has been a decrease in the quantity of woven apparel fabrics made in the United States. Why?
There has been a decrease in the quantity of woven apparel fabrics made in the United States, because there as been a change toward importing. Most imported items are cheaper and in result of that many textile producers have had to put an end to the company. Also, receiving lower wages and fewer environmental regulations.
6. What are the differences between buying textiles by specification and buying by sample?
The difference between buying textiles by specification and buying by sample is that buying by specification is when the seller has to ship the fabric exactly as stated from the buyer and showing more of clear graphics and data. Buying by sample is more of a reference and communication. The seller needs to deliver a fabric approximately identical to the sample, because the sample is an image of what the buyer will later in the future receive.


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