Child sexual exploitation is no longer a new occurrence; there have been calls to register sexual guilty parties in Malaysia because of expanding quantities of kids being sexually mishandled. It has been contended that the present law does not satisfactorily ensure ladies and kids in the Malaysian culture.
First and foremost, the fact that teens are connected to technology 24/7 means that they’re liable to victimization round the clock. Law enforcement agencies area unit usually asked to work out the extent and scale of sexual offensive against kids and adolescents on the web, e.g. the quantity of child abuse pictures in circulation, or the quantity of individuals prosecuted. According to Dr. Victoria (2008), In the context of the boundless and constantly expanding online world, numbers are unhelpful. What is clear is that the amount of identified traffic in child abuse material is greater than the law enforcement resources dedicated to investigating it. (Hillman, Hooper, Darren Quick ; Raymond Choo, n.d) pointed out that one of the reasons for this problem is that children are often unsupervised online – an observation confirmed in the State of the Net survey. As reported by (New Straits Times, 2018), Today’s youngsters are Internet-savvy, however they’re not mature enough to rationalize, assess or filter what’s right and wrong on the web. It is therefore, imperative for fogeys, society, social control authorities, media and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to safeguard children against sexual predators, online or otherwise. Since 2010, the police have received more than 400 reports of Internet-related rape cases, of which 339 involved minors. Sadly, the cases are only the tip of the iceberg. As claimed by Renée Kool (2001), We should learn from alternative countries’ expertise – England, Wales, Netherlands, etc. in introducing effective laws to manage child grooming. According to Syahirah, Hendun & Nurul Atira (2017), In associate degree interview with the Malaysian Digest, the previous officer of Police (IGP) Tan Sri monocot genus Hassan told that the putting in place of a sex offenders’ register could be a sensible move. The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has launched the campaign in Child Safety Online which aims to assist folks create computer network safe for his or her youngsters.
Furthermore, law enforcement officers additionally have a part in avoiding and reacting to online child exploitation. To start, as expressed in (New Straits Times, 2018), implementation officers must be constrained to try and be very much prepared to spot potential child groomers. amid a particular setting, implementation officers ought to be constrained to furnish themselves with the aptitudes and information to intercede as vital, and that they furthermore should be constrained to hold up under at the top of the priority list of regularly developing state and local laws in regards to online practices. Other than that, the officers are additionally should be prepared to initiate or gather the proof from victims who are generally traumatized by the statutory offense. In order to guarantee prima facie arguments against the charged, our officers, judges, legal advisors and prosecutors ought to be completely mindful and touchy to child abuse cases. According to Syahirah, Hendun ; Nurul Atira (2017), aside from initiating proof from victims, the officers additionally can talk and have coordinate correspondence with students in schools in regard to child exploitation and online security issues all the more extensively. This initiative could be a compelling path trying to dishearten students from sharing in dangerous or inadmissible activities and interactions. In addition, the officers need to express the earnestness of online harassment to these students, so they are completely mindful and can keep themselves from including with the unhealthy issues.
Lastly, the most imperative preventive steps that schools can take is to teach the school network about dependable Internet use. Students need to know the gravity of the problem itself. It is therefore important to discuss issues related to online child exploitation in various areas of the general curriculum. To be sure, these messages ought to be fortified in classes that routinely use innovation. Signage additionally ought to be posted in the PC lab or at every PC workstation to help understudy in fighting one such issue that will just get more genuine if overlooked. As stated by (New Straits Times, 2018), Sex education should be introduced to preschool and primary students to help them be aware of sex predators. During the past three decades, many educational preventive programmes have been developed and implemented in kindergartens and schools. Most of the projects additionally incorporate data for guardians and school staff. Independent of the numerous methodological confinements in surveying the viability of the projects, plainly they have added to expanding kids’ consciousness of sexual mishandle and to showing them aptitudes with which to secure themselves (Finkelhor, 2007; Barron and Topping, 2009). Every teenager should have sex education incorporated into their schooling programmes. It shouldn’t be opt-in or opt-out but mandatory. Moreover, Schools should come up with creative response strategies, particularly for relatively minor forms of harassment that do not result in significant harm. For example, students may be required to create anti-child sexual exploitation posters to be displayed throughout the school. Older students might be required to give a brief presentation to younger students about the importance of using technology in ethically-sound ways. Next, Public awareness campaigns are also necessary to coach Malaysians regarding kid sexual assault, creation and paedophiles (New Straits Times, 2018). Some Malaysians like better to keep child sexual abuse covert for fear of social stigma, especially if the abusers are family members. Overall, it is critical for guilty paedophiles to receive medical aid, treatment and drugs as paedophilia is an considered as a psychiatric illness.
Taking everything into account, since the overall law isn’t sufficient to offer full security to the youngsters, all parties should take an interest to ensure that youngsters can’t just been controlled or manhandled on the web. Its contended that risk related to the web might be an indisputable reality that must act naturally tended to not exclusively by youngsters, anyway all individuals who are engaged with the web. In this manner, parents, faculty lecturers, educators and furthermore people in general particularly the netizens are should remember with the danger online.


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