to the above explanation, Charles Dickens was one of the leading Victorian
novelists who produced many novels and short stories. His talent as a novelist
began to look as he worked as a reporter. Some of his work is influenced by the
great events that occurred at the time. Much of Dickens’s work is a novel that
tells the life of the people of that era and also his personal story. These
three things are discussed in this essay because Charles Dickens was a gifted
novelist who had a big part in the development of Victorian literature through
his good works.

we relate Charles Dickens’s work to the historical background of the age, we
can say, his work was the reflection of the social circumstances. The first, as
we know in Victorian times, many major changes, from the quiet state of the
country until technology, despite the war in some countries that did not
disturb the state of England at the time. This caused Charles Dickens to write
freely, quietly. But, the revolution is still felt and diminishes over the
years. Second, because of the industrial revolution, many printing companies
emerged. It made Dickens easier to produce his work on a large scale in that
time. Therefore, the work of Dickens can be famous as a result of the many
books that he spread. In addition, the existence of “The Great
Exhibition” in 1851 also became one of the supporters to spread his works
in that era. However, due to the emergence of this industrial revolution,
society is divided into two groups. Upper class and lower-middle classes. Due
to the differences of class, often upper class oppresses the upper class or
group intimidation. So the topic is often discussed by Dickens about the social
state of society. Third, because of the intellectual development, the people in
the Victorian age were very hungry of knowledge and result of that many books
published in order to satisfy curiosity from society. Therefore the work of
Dickens became more famous.

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a writer, Dickens began his career by writing an opinion and a short story in
several magazines. Because he wanted to be independent, then Dickens founded
his own magazine in the 1850s namely “Household Words” and “All
the Year Round”. The contents of the magazine contained some of the works
of others and writings from Dickens himself. Dickens’s first novel Sketches (1836) was published by Boz. In 1837 Dickens brought out his
work again “Pickwick Papers”.
His one work was considered to represent his humor and was acceptable to both
the public at the time. The next work is “Oliver Twist” (1838) with the theme of poverty, social class,
and violence that happened at that time (Wikipedia). Other famous works from
Charles Dickens such as Nicholas Nickleby
(1838-1839), The Old Curiosity Shop
(1840-1841), Barnaby Rudge (1841), American Notes (1842), The Chimes (1844), The Cricket on the Hearth (1845), The Battle of Life (1846), Martin
Chuzzlewit (1843-1844), Dombey and
Son (1846-1848), David Copperfield (1849-1850),
A Child’s History of England (1851- 1853),
Bleak House (1852-1853), A Tale of Two Cities (11 July 1859), Great Expectations (1860-1861), Our Mutual Friend (1864-1865), and The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1870). But “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” (1870) has
not finished because he has left this world forever (Wikipedia).

was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth. He was a son of a family with
difficulties in economy because of his father’s carelessness in managing
finances. When Dickens was 12 years old, he was sent to work in a dirty grassy
dirt house. This is what makes his hopes doomed to a decent education. However,
after his father got out of jail he was able to continue his education again. However,
after his father left the prison he started school again.  Early in his career, he worked at a law firm.
But according to him, the law is not very compatible with him. And then, He started
to become a reporter. Dickens began work as a reporter at True Sun (1830-1832),
Mirror of Parliament (1832-1834), and The Morning Chronicle (1834-1836) and he
was known as an accurate and fast reporter.

Victorian times, there were so many novelists who had great influence at this
age. One of the great writers of the Victorian age is Charles John Huffam
Dickens or we know Charles Dickens. He has many works especially novels and
short stories that are very global. Because of his outstanding contributions
and genius in literature, he deserves to be called “The Best British Novelist”
and he is actively involved in social work (Wikipedia). As one of the great
figures in the literary world, this essay will discuss his life, his work and
how his work is influenced by his historical background at the time.


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