Data was collected through 12 questionnaires from 19 teachers, lecturers and assistant professor of English language. The sample consisted on colleges from Gujranwala and Sheikhupura,Lahore and Kotli Arab Khan Kharian Gujrat Pakistan. They make the research authentic by providing the useful words. It had been trying till the end to get the profound knowledge about the importance of the role of refresher courses for teachers of English language and their implementation in the professional field. Research closely studiedNational education policy (1998-2010) states there is no better condition in the educational area, lack of facilities in every condition, no equipment, proper furniture, learning tools and advanced machine, textbooks and essentials methods. It is more and more important for educators to achieve the goals but this need can be possible under excellent management. Furthermore, these institutes have no proper finances system or solid money, cannot fill the essentials needs, enhance the teacher’s skills. In addition, the question arises how can ultimately these techniques leave impacts at secondary level teachers of English language’ and academic performance? If teachers are full of high potential of academic performance they perform well. This authentic research proves that there are countless models have presented in literature, different core values, disciplinary designing and their implementation ofprofessional development can be certain. For teacher’s grooming, these courses are driving force of nature. These exhibit creation principles that exude immense power when applied in the creation and professional development in the educational field. In this thesis, all teachers agree that ups and downs are obviously but the values of practice need healthy exposure. They possess the capability of enhancing the teacher’s ability. They bring a pure system into the educational field. Those things theywant, need and desire all the studies of exemplary teachers require countless struggles. The reason for this research is to gain fruitful knowledge about practice. The rejoice element of this document is to get enrich educational policycan be by attaining teacher’s training. That is hidden in one thing which is possible by better performance. These courses polish teacher nature to move into the right direction. Its functionality is pure that of nature itself.The bright side is creativity and dynamic performance. Research reach at the high level when teachers stated that teachers perform their role effectively because these courses create a sense of competition and confidence among them.They build their mind at the new level. Such courses motivate them for higher performance. ‘Moving forwards in this research with knowledge, teachers can use these powers of elements. They have luminous dreams and goals aligned in the field. They will be known as materializing teacher’s thought if educators have no ideas to attain goal. Teachers can achieve anything in professional harmony stage with each other. They can become the perfect recipe for achieving success by cooperation. Evidence ensures, refresher courses invoke how to use the power of the mind to creating images in their mind’s eye and adopt a positive attitude instead of giving into fear and doubt. During this research, all teachers agreed that because there is rapidly changing of modern technologies, these courses introduce new tools for better performance and motivate them for higher performance.The history of developments are rich with countless researchers to (Government of Pakistan, 2009;USAID and UNESCO,2009)’ teacher education in Pakistan argues one most important quantitative urgent term a large number of industries established during the time and educators can be trained at Academy sectors. Recently, about 300 areas at mass in general and private levels provide various kinds of educational programmers, rang certification PhDs in teaching courses. It is concluded that the practice of professional field is a practice of staying in the present moment and avoiding the act of dwelling on the events that have occurred in the past. Today the world is full of people who are overworking themselves. It also rings with hardships and difficulties at every nook and cranny. Teachers stated in this research that ”teachers can fill up the age educational generation gap due to these courses.” Therefore, these courses are the process of brainstorming where information and material can be posted and informed. They guide the educators. Learning is bliss and integrating a systematic approach is to experimentation with practice.All of this can make it difficult for one to stay focused on the present, hence if a teacher attends the refresher courses classes he can get enrich professional knowledge that is essential for excellent academic achievement. Because man is a social animal and teachers can teach and motivate the personality of students that is the need of time by providing them with wonderful methodologies. Teachers stated that most of the times these courses are held out of the station, so first of all, it is problem creating for teachers. They also pointed out that the techniques, ideas, and tips that can be applied to the students if they have practice. Otherwise, how can to make the lesson understandable. So these courses provide fruitful skills. The paramount ability is important for teachers basically to pay full attention to context information. These professional achievements will be applicable and at the same time factors may encourage the temptation.To sum up,these courses examine the teacher’s ability and aware them with the complex condition. Teachers have a strong vision that these courses,however, must be essential but most of the participants are without homework that is the huge hurdle for gaining of knowledge. Understanding the approach of the same subject called expertise. There must be a link between them. Despite all the approaches, refresher courses lead the right path for the betterment of the nation because a teacher is the father of nation is true. He isthe role model for the student,attracts them by positive attitude,behavior and thinking process if the teacher has full with all positive ability can face all circumstances. Teacher training changes the conception of thought, guide them throughout the career and also impact the student memory. These courses polish the teacher ability. Different post,age level educators encourage this documentation. High qualified teachers contribute in favor of refresher courses. Teachers training program imposes the excellent concept.This research reveals these programs should be at access to the point. There is no near proper station where the teacher can practice with confidence way. Learn most authentic approaches, participant both those who attend or not define clearly needed these evidence important at all parts during and after class.Teachers demand in the professional field, protector planner generally important about subject matters, circumstances. Dignity is also the most important term for them. The inspiration of this system enables them to choose the right path even in society views. To make different example provide through progressive manners for futuristic purpose these courses stand up the educators in every moment,same opportunity needs in decision values. Invoke the best involvement in a specific way this research finds fruitful concepts concerned these statement all ideas,views,sharp concepts want these courses at the doorstep for the professional development. These courses are perfect leading towards a future plan. The influences on academic performance enhance teacher’sability if teachers are well prepared in all situational base matters. These courses keep concept clear by conducted this research proves. These courses are important in all circumstances. On the top, they have profound knowledge and the richest with practical methodologies, varying activities, are nourishing the teachers ambitious also.

Teachers of English language demand for these courses and accept all responsibility for the betterment of professional task there is need for more training. That facilitates them towards future judgment. All affordable training they deserve actually for next experiences. These courses provide them the beneficial strong granted scheme.Because in this reprocessing system that utilizes the education by level of a complex situation, draws to pay attention on it. If teacher has specialization in strong ability he can provide theinformative method. In the focus area where skills are essential, these courseshave provided them developmental approaches. There should be upgraded opportunities in the education system. More entertain the importance of these courses. The basic quality of this research is to mobilize the teachers’ community through hygienic facilities, resources, and equipments,knowledge, and tools with authentic materials. All activities should be at the top level,not just lesson, teacher considers, writes the note onthe blackboard and he achieved the goal. With all various possible materials, these courses introduce the connection of labs and others possibilities. The passive method is not enough for success. Teachers training facilitate them with all necessary tools related to a topic. These courses associate with the podcast, videos, textbooks, adventurous tours etc. In teaching training, these courses have full potentials at all level. They provide methods according to ability. National Education Policy (1998-2010) stated that they will have to maintain capabilities at different terms. In this policy, there is also include that those who are up in professional path trained by simply introductory general program a long-term at post-secondary and post-degree level. But there is not the good condition in Pakistan according to research teachers have a strong vision about the condition. They illustrated most of the times these courses are held out of the station, so first of all, it is problem creating for teachers how can they understand the approaches of the same subject called expertise. Only AIOU, according to Jamil (2004) makes strong concept acceptable design that is a powerful distance learning process of the university, provides all courses in educational management, strong planner, and effective teachers also related to those who are in the profession also get the certificate by this industry both at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Nearly 10,000 students get certificate and diploma. Teachers need to understand the given topic know how to deal with it. In Pakistan, there is not the facilitation of professional institutions where teachers can get more knowledge. For more educational approaches, various programs and subject matters there is not set up of proper station.These courses encourage the techniques and tools research has ensured its pros and cons with the help of varying skills in order.
The identification of refresher courses regenerates general review, there are strong educational procedures.

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1. About all questionnaires consideration in the professional development process, the consultation by these courses help teachers stay on task and solve the problems.

2. Innovative space of refresher courses is not to get grade A+ or pass capacity. Professions connect to needs obviously. They want to achieve high advance policies in the community. Otherwise, how can they achieve the progress?
3.In all over the world teacher development is dynamics with newer applications. Their research production is also good, and various informative tools make them active.
4. Those whose have not skilled and high standard are not good because of no ability to face the circumstances in communities countries and around the world.
5.Those who get modern information, improve more skills with great vision, maintain all daily experiments at a better level.

6. In addition, these courses are artful each pattern creates the strong vision.

7. Can teachers understand the situational baseprogress, encourage the strong visions without the practice of refresher courses?
8. Refresher courses have a deep observation about cultural societies, consist on several years confrontation life, its importance, the complexities of society, the disorder, suffering condition extremely, the overpowering attitudes and mostly the determination always stable. Awareness is better but how refresher courses are too busy with that work?
9. Extraordinary power is not good. Circumstances are during duty’ working exist. Essentialities are to recognize the under pressure policy.

10.Each time teachers need strong elements of positivity that need practice.

11. Research points out, compassion, gratefulness and unlocking the power of ability, these courses enhance teacher’s ability of understanding and connecting them with others enriching mind in everyday routine.
12.Research provides informative conditions that these courses extremely maintain teacher’s professional development, focus on the present moment when the outside world is awash with the chaos that begins to intrude teachers’ present.
13.For professional capacity building, these courses are a helpful tactic to concentrate on the positive way and also will help, break teacher’s concentration from dwelling on chaos.
14.These courses will help during the path of situation basis with a larger than life perspective.

15. Considering the importance of the subject, these courses have target in teaching method and maintain the correctness.

16. Need for patterns to identifying the subject matters.
17.To get a better understanding of the strengths and weakness of these disseminator aspects these courses to highlight the temporal patterns that exist in academic performance.
18.These courses provide a outstanding model.

19.There are many difficulties face educators because of an inappropriate process, in one class have the different group of classes taught by only one teacher, filled with many more in classes. Lack of equipment’s provided materials less and no good composition of structural advantages.

20. Although the study arrives the characteristics of refresher courses as well as strengths and weakness identify. They have provided the foundation for the development of future integrate performance at one platform, useful applications can be used for the improvement of potential.
21.There is also identified the areas where patterns may be discovered to automate processes and reduce delays.
22.Thus, this study provides sparkle guidelines how to overcome deficiencies in the existing system and improves the services into brightside with the supportive system.

23.Lead by example is the best medicine because practice makes the man perfect, refresher courses encourage all skills, knowledge, tools and modern technologies in academic performance if leaders lead serious command on leadership, for future challenges w


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