Some lodging contemplations when making a Smart Phone Controlled Smart Suitcase are estimated weight, construct materials, battery size, size of a suitcase, motors, GPS module, WiFi, the capability of the load telephone and servo motor.: a good sized variety of these requirements are related. The weight of the suitcase should be sufficiently low because it would be handy to carry if the battery is low or in in-smooth place. The powerful battery and motors additionally need to supply sufficient electricity to run the suitcase in a loaded condition. Cost is additionally a factor. A massive portion of fee the price will be in the value of the motors battery GSP module and WiFi module.Weight is some other element for the designing of hardware. The weight of suitcase earlier than inserting a hardware is 2Kg (2000gm). So our hardware would now not be greater than 400-500gm. Our outline goal is to hold the weight beneath (1400-1500gm) the hardware and suitcase have to be extremely lightweight. two Different sizes of suitcases are tried and we purchased a light-weight and ordinary dimension of a suitcase. The motors and battery likewise consist of a lot off weight of the suitcase, so they ought to be light as could b expected below the occasions whilst proceeding to meet exceptional particulars. The motors and battery characterize about a portion of our weight restraint.
Finding the proper mix of motors and battery was imperative for this task. Utilizing high torque motor would provide more weight carrying capacity, yet it would require utilizing greater effective battery too. The higher battery would no longer match on the suitcase fantastically well, and they would validate the lightweight. Greater motors require likewise greater power from the battery, which would likewise increase the weight extensively extra with the extra weight of the suitcase.Security is one of the actual issues with any suitcase. Our suitcase has a clever lock. Its smart lock science makes sure that you can lock and liberate it using only our smartphone application.There is a built-in smart weight scale which connects our weight scale with our smartphone with
the aid of Bluetooth.

There have been a few thoughts on the quality way to manage the suitcase, for example, using an android application, running it off a PC, or using an RF controller. The android utility would make use of its implicit Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi to manage the suitcase. Utilizing an android software would shrink advent costs when developed with constructing a controller.i).Platform Discussion:
At the stage we have been questioning about the graph of suitcase yet we modified to the clever suitcase that it was once satisfying each and every one of our necessities, and thinking about the weight element likewise Smart suitcase would be beneficial when constructed with smart suitcase diminishing greater payload limit, and in highly-priced also.

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ii).selection of the design of Smart Suitcase:
Suitcase comes in a variety of designs but we have purchased a low cost and lightweight suitcase. Which is fit for our project.

Figure 3.1 Design Of suitcase
iii). Ordering Of Components
One of the primary things done in this task was choosing the parts and requesting them. Submitted the requests and dealt with all transportation and getting of parts. The bill of materials requested and got included 2 sets of motors 1 motor driver 1 Arduino UNO board Bluetooth module and GPS module.

iv). selection of material for the body
We have connected 2 USB ports in the suitcase and power ports for charging the battery of suitcase.

Figure 3.2 power ports of Suitcase
We also inserted a switch in our suitcase for powering up our circuit.

Figure 3.3 power switch
We also did efforts in connecting motors and rotator wheels in our Suitcase.

Figure3.4 wheels and motors


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