Changing animal DNA-
A scientist adds DNA to to a single cell before it starts dividing
Injected embryos are developed for a while, and then tested to see which one has the transgene
The embryos with the transgene are put in a surrogate mother to develop
A successful transgenic animal will have the wanted protein without damaging itself and pass the ability to its offspring.
Animals can be produced either through conventional breeding or by cloning.
What products are made using transgenic technology?
Protein drugs like insulin (used to treat diabetes) the proteins used in these drugs are made in large batches with genetically engineered bacteria or yeast.
Some drugs, like tobacco, are made in transgenic plants.
Some human proteins that are used in drugs need biological modifications from animals such as cows, sheep, goats, and sheep.
It is very easy to get cells from these animals because all you need to do is milk them.
There have been attempts to harvest spider silk to make them into lighter, stronger bulletproof vests, can be used as thinner threads in surgery, and for “indestructible clothes”


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