When we talk about change,
is it necessary a good thing? Some perceives change is always for the greater
good and advocate that change is a good thing. But are those always right? Change
is often inevitable. It isn’t something inherently good or bad. It can teach us
adapt, anticipate and react to it. Some way or another we are constantly
changing. We grow. We age. And alongside with this, our mentality and lifestyle
changes. Question that we can ask ourselves includes “Was the game we used to find
amusing when we were 10 still portrayed to us with the same experience when we are
30? Are we still as active and agile as we age being able to perform those
acrobatic movements that we were able to do before?” These are some examples
that change is constant. And the main drive to why people relinquish change, or
resist change is due to technological advancement. Reluctance to change is fairly
normal yet a destructive thing. In some cases when managers or stakeholders fail
to realize the symptoms of change that directly relates to the proposed or
actual change such as high staff turnover, conflict, mistakes, injuries, low
morale/lowered productivity. In due cases where one is reluctant to change may
result in significant impact to the organization itself. Living in a global fast-paced
global environment, businesses be it big or small is often hit with the
intervention of the need to change. Change in brand identity, such as image,
logo, slogan may seem to be minor to stakeholders but in most cases, it will
impact end users on how they perceive the product or services where loyal brand
lover hates changes. Large scale change such as organization change, acquisition
or collaboration of companies is often complex and lengthy process. Ultimately before
implementing a change, decisionmakers often need to ask themselves “What
additional value do I bring to my customers, employees and other stakeholders
involved?”. One of the prominent change that occur in the past decade was the acquisition
of IBM by Lenovo.


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