Cavan Degannes
Huck Finn
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Huck Finn a rebellious, appealing, sympathetic, and errant young boy takes a convoluted journey through his life and along the Mississippi. Through his adventures he encounters issues upon issues and people upon people and confronts each task with a mix of societies and his own moral standards. Huck might not be the smartest tool in the shed, in fact some would call him “dumb”, but throughout the novel he continues to show the difference between right and wrong and proves his intelligence and well-being is higher than others in the South. Huck Finn is a complex character that takes us through his time period and shows vigor detail of American people and life back then.

Twain’s purpose in adding The Grangerfords was not only to expose the stupidity in family feuds but to also shine light on the nature of such violence. Pride is the main event of the whole situation, between each family contains the hard-headedness and ridiculous, hypocritical south society. Overall, each family thinks they’re right and the other is wrong; leaving Huck in the middle of a twisted and horrific battle. Huck sees not just one but people shot to death, this scars him, he even states, “It made me so sick I most fell out of the tree. I ain’t a-going to tell ALL that happened—it would make me sick again if I was to do that. I wished I hadn’t ever come ashore that night to see such things. I ain’t ever going to get shut of them—lots of times I dream about them.” Twain involved Huck into such madness to show the idiocracy in these matters, mainly because family feuds were common during that time period.

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